Friday, August 15, 2014

Yo guys

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This week was month 1...If every month goes this fast I'm gonna be home 23 months!  Really though, I cannot believe that in two weeks I will be out of this place! With real people.  With real problems.  I'm so dang excited! like... I'm vibrating right now. But that's cause it's chilly and I just had some mate!

Last week in proselyting it was sweet!  I was with a guy named Arrieta!  He was a boss!  We got paired up with one of the actual elders from one of the Lima missions.  He is Chilean! And he was sick!  We taught this lady who said the book of mormon is true.. But she still only feels the spirit in her catolico church...estrana..

Anyway that elder said some thing to me that I thought was really cool!  As we were darting around Lima literally through streets he turns to me and says. ¨es un poco peligroso aqui, pero con su placa nada es nada (¨It's a little dangerous here, with your plaque, it's no problem") was sick!  It made me feel like I am protected which I am... but still!  It was nice to know!

Then we came back to the ccm and a few days later all the 6 weekers were gone.  It was weird that in the short month I've known those guys I have bonded with all of them..  People are funny! We always attach ourselves to other things even when we know those things are gonna leave.  It makes me think of Helaman 5:12,  if we will build on Christ all is well.

ALSO I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME AND THIS IS SOMETHING I THOUGH WAS REALLY COOL!  The thought came to me the other day. Christ didn't die for our sins, he died for our Salvation.  Think about that for a moment.  I'm sure that while he was in the garden he wasn't thinking about our sins.  I think he was thinking about how he could be with all of us again!

 Anyway much love,


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