Monday, January 26, 2015

Canta no llore/Sing don't Cry

Monday, January 26, 2014

Well well well…

It seems that once again it is Monday… Happy Monday everyone.

This week was full of wins… and then losses… but I still enjoyed the week…

My comp has officially deleted his Disney music and replaced it with hymns… that was a hurdle! 

Also, we actually had some citas not fail us this week... PRAISE THE LORD!  Also I ate Cuy which tastes like cicken and rubber… UPDATE: I completely forgot how to spell chiken… pollo…  Pucha no me importa la idioma ingles… (Darn, I don't care about the English language.)

Some cool things that happened this week was that we got invited to a member’s house to help make Patcha manka…. Which is a very Quechua way of saying meat cooked in the ground… manka….  It’s like dutch oven without a container … they use leaves and stuff! It’s pretty fantastic actually! I’ll have to make it in like 20 years when I get back!

Also I have been trying to learn Quechua (which my comp speaks perfectly). I figure I’m here to learn at every opportunity so I might
as well take advantage!

Something cool from studying this week! …bueno two things!

1: The story when Christ fed the 5000 (not counting mothers and kids…)  When the 12 said to Christ... Hey it's late these people haven’t eaten tell them to return to their homes… And Christ said. They don’t have need to go. That really made me think…How many times have I thought that somebody needed to go… or have said the opposite? There was never a time when Christ said…  I don’t have time… or, not now… so why do we say these things?

2: ¿O hombre de poca fe porque dudaste? (Oh man of little faith, why did you doubt.) I was teaching a lesson about faith... true, pure faith. And I must have had the spirit with me
because I said something that taught me... There will be times when we fall, doubt and begin to sink.  And taught we may doubt our situation like Peter did… we cannot doubt the Lord… when we say … ¡Senor…Salvame! (Lord, save me.)

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Monday, January 19, 2015

Hey Family!


Before I forget I need some things not super urgent though.  Zach, there is a music artist who does gospel. His name is Shane Shane.  He is a boss but I don’t want to download it illegally … send a usb o algo por favor?

Mom I really want a book of Mormon in French haha I know that sounds like something I don’t need. But, I figure my brain can get much more confused…. And a two dollar bill… it’s a long story… OH! And with the next package it has come to my attention in quite an alarming manner.. I have one red tie no mas!!  So if the next one could be red… solid… haha. Tell mason to pick it. I want to see what state of mind he´s in!

This week was… You probably can guess… FAST!!  We were in Huancayo hasta Wednesday so we have only been back in Pampas a few days … I am seeing a trend in this culture… haha as my last comp Elder Garcia would say "All talk no game." It is very frustrating. Ward council… or in our case branch council takes forever… people talking about doing this they never will for more than an hour! And then the next week they are like "Well that didn’t work… let’s try something else…"  Meanwhile I’m sitting there like it might have worked had anyone been there to DO it!  Wow the Mission is so fun!  Haha all you Ex-missionaries are laughing at the familiarity of this situation... I just know it.

I’ll start with interviews. Which are always awesome (President Henderson is Awesome). He told me something that really made me feel A LOT better about my situation… He said, "Elder Glassett, I know Pampas is hard. And, I know that your companion struggles with obedience. Please take it as a compliment that I think you can change both…"  To which I responded, "Perfect! I thought you were gonna add pressure to me or something!" he laughed… He´s a boss!

Something I’d like to share with you all is THE MOST FRUSTRATING LESSON I'VE HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE! Fue tan feo! (It was so so terrible!)  We were talking to a husband and wife who:

1. did not believe in the Apostasy… and
2. they did not want to… 

And the real problem was and is #2 for these people…

I realized that God can work with people who don’t understand, who don’t know or, who haven’t been taught. IF and it is a HUGE if….if
they are humble enough to know and accept that they don’t know everything.  These people weren’t… they didn’t want to know anything. And that made me really frusated and later very sad that they will never know the
truth… Agency is a very powerful thing…

Anyway I have to go.

Love yall!

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Oh Pampas. ¿Porque no pasa nada dentro de ti? (Oh Pampas, Why is there nothing going on here?)

Monday, January 12, 2015

This week was hard man... hard!

We walked in the rain... and in the heat....(it's hot here too.) We taught about 8 lessons.... One was a crazy guy who said the prayer in Kechwa... That was cool actually.  We saw a whole bunch of pigs breaking the law of chastity. Which is something I'd like to have forgotten already!  The other elders had a baptism and with that nobody here has a single investigator progressing... nada nada nada.

My companion and I had a super cool lesson yesterday! She understood everything was ready. We thought we had found a golden investigator.  BUT she lives in Lima... and is returning next week!... BOO!!!

Also, in church we had 18 people... not dog this time...EVEN THE DOG HAS GONE INACTIVE!!!  And if we don't have 50 people here before March they are gonna close Pampas! WHY?...

If you can't tell in the above paragraph I am going crazy.... But I'm also having a lot of fun out here.... I figure if I work hard I don't have to worry about it being me fault or not... So that's where I am with all of this... I still sleep like a baby.. haha.

I thought of something this week!

We read in Alma that Faith is believing without seeing... but it came to me that patience is having faith until you see.  Boy does that apply here.

I don't know what God's plan is here in Pampas... But I know that if I am diligent I am an important part of it.

Love you all!
Sonriendo Siempre!
Elder Glassett

Monday, January 5, 2015


Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey Family! I’m in an area called Pampas which is a tiny Little Ramita (Branch). We started church yesterday with 12 members and a dog named Bella. She accompanies us EVERYWHERE! It’s cool! She even waits outside for like 45 minutes when we teach people! It’s a cool little dog!

There are four of us here and the people are just like the Pascans…hard in the heart! The problem that we are having is that the elders who were sent to open Pampas dos changes back… didn’t… not a thing!  So that’s frustrating.  Knowing that the area should be a little better but it’s not for laziness no mas…. But that’s gonna end tomorrow… We are redividing the area so that’s gonna suck for the next 3 weeks or so… but it will pan out for the other elders that will come here….
HA, I don’t think that President wants me to baptize… in my whole mission!  He just wants me to walk knock and talk… hehe and then leave so others can steal my investigators. It’s okay. I know I’m helping people! So I don’t care.

So about something cool! When I got here the Elders here were really disanimoed… like crazy! Pampas wears on you… Hard! But I don’t care... I’m here to work my legs off! I prayed really hard that they would get motivated of a change of heart of algo… then made a new goal to follow the rules even closer… because obedience brings blessings… Exact obedience brings Milagros (miracles)…. I thought I'd put that to the test… and yesterday it happened!  The elders were talking… I was shining shoes and when I went to them they were making a plan to redivide the area!  Something I had suggested earlier but they said it would be too hard!  And now you ask?  We are doing it!  I’m too excited!
Also I'm with Elder Rojas who was in Paragsha with me! So it’s good to see este pata otra vez! (my friend again)

Well that’s pretty much all I’ve got. 

Love y'all

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

sorry I can't send pictures this week... tan lento! (so slow)

Today was ridiculos .... i can't spell

Monday, December 29, 2014

Let me start with today.  We woke up at 5:40 to go to Centro and play soccer. 

This Tuesday we have a ward talent show.. The 1st counselor told us to swing by his sister's house to borrow a guitar... This morning, in the hustle of leaving, I put it on my bed... Garcia sat directly on said guitar... Guitar on which Garcia sat... snapped in two pieces... we suck. 

Today has been crazy since before 6... but all is fixed.  We used super glue, electric tape, shoe polish and new strings and it plays like a gypsy.... and we bought the little kid a new one... mom.... I have no money. 

Also.... Nicanor. The Guy who called us a while ago to get help with drinking relapsed... on Christmas boo.  That was actually really hard for me... He was making soo much progress!  I didn't realize untill he fell that I actually loved him. I was invested in him giving up alcohol... Then we passed by and his sister told us was was drunk.... My heart fell out of my chest.. It felt like she had punched me in the gut... boo.. me baste decir que yo estaba triste por un bien tiempo. pucha. pero hemos hablado con el desde navidad y otro vez esta´ progresando. (I was very sad for a long time.  Dangit!  But we have spoken with him since Christmas and he is again progressing.)  It was scary... He was the only one we had progressing. So I really wanted to see him SOON.  And no temias! Esta bien! (And don't worry, it's all good.)
Some other things.  I know that in the past I said I don't like mas amora. Which is like really thick fruit pudding with corn starch... But now I do... Look it up and try it!  Might as well!
Also Thank you for all the Christmas Letters! They were awesome!
Love you all!
Sonriendo Siempre,
Como estas vos? Espero que todo esta bien. te agradezco por las cosas que me has enseƱado. tu eres un papa chevere aun que no lo he dicho mucho...te amo mucho gracias por todo. (How are you.  I hope that everything is good.  I want to thank you for all the things you have taught me.  You are a cool dad although I have not told you that very much.  I love you and thank you for everything.)
HI, it's me Cody.  Thank you for worrying about me... It's fair to say that if YOU didn't not many people would.... (like Zach) haha.  I really do appreciate you a lot.  I always just wanted to grow up but now I think it would be nice to have people worry about me a little... irony..
Escuche´ que no pasa nada con tu. pero todavia te amo.. cuidate con su novia y todo te apoyare´ con todo gracias ppor el ejemplo que ppor mi has sido! cuida a Mas and erin tambien! nos veemos vos! (Listen up.  I heard that nothing's going on with you but I love you anyway.  Take care of your girlfriend and I will support you with everything.  Thank you for the example that you have been.  Take care of Mas and Erin and see you later. 
Be good! jk I know you are! Reeead preach my gospel every day! You guys could do that as a family!  It's great! Remember to be an example to everyone. Be nice.  People will remember that about you and you'll feel good!
love ya good cop bad cop.
Be outgoing without being crazy! Remember that there is always a balance in everything.  Don't do too much and definitely not too little.  Be respectful... Have fun in school!