Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Will Shlay it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

We Will Shlay it! 
Our comp motto is this.

It is also...
We suck but we are trying...
which is true..

So some cool things happened this week!  I will start with a man name Lucho. Lucho was Catholic... till he read the bible.  Since then he has been changing things about his religion, he has learned things!  Talk about real intent!  He wants to be a follower of Christ!  And we had a milagro con him on martes (miracle with him on Tuesday) we were reading James 1.5 and Lucho freaked out because he read that verse the DAY BEFORE!  He is ready!  As we were thinking about members we could bring that would get along with Lucho (because his personality is a little strong) we thought of Gregorio.  Then we found out they have been buddies for a while.... inspiracion!!! It was cool!

This week I took the liberty to create a self inventory and self evaluation sheet!  I have a point system...  HAHA it's awesome!!  I can receive a total of 88 points weekly!  I'll tell you what I get next week...

Erin and Mason... I have wisdom for you two.  When I was dumb, Zach would tell me to deal with rules and just get used to it they are a part of life.. that didn't do it for me because I didn't see the point of doing things I don't want to... let me explain it a different way.. there will come a time when you are not at home and you will think about the kind of son or daughter you were.  You will most likely regret the person you were either way but you can improve a little!  Be the person you won't regret later!

Love you all!  I have to go!

Sonriendo Siempre
Elder Glassett!
Coco with Elder Cook.  In his words, "from Idaho ... solid guy."

Monday, October 20, 2014

This week was .....

Monday, October 20, 2014

My companion and I are... first of all awesome.

2nd wow we are obedient!

Due to the fact that baptisms are s....l......o.........w we have been trying to at least be obedient.  In interviews, President told us that if he has missionaries that don't baptize but they follow the rules he's fine with that!

Mom, I was laughing the other day because you asked me once how I was gonna be obedient in the mission if I wasn't at home.. I told you I didn't know but I would... well, I WAS right about that! so that's one thing!

More..we have found 6 new investigators this week!!  Which was our goal! That's so good for here!

oh... one little note.  A guy from the stake told us the other day that if we don't baptize in a month they are gonna close the area.... so that's awesome...no pressure to missionaries working with hardened mountain people.....gaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Also....a man told us that the longer you are in Cerro the thicker your blood gets... it is gelatin.... anyone wanna tell me if THAT'S true???   I would like to know that!

JORDY SET HIS OWN DATE!  It's for the 1st of November!  I and praying like crazy his mom lets him do it!!  She doubts the gospel.  She loves us and thinks the Church is good.... for others... we are trying to show her that really there is no other way  2 Nefi 31, 21 which is the scripture that explains that.

But still all is well all is well!

Elder Glassett
Coco's apartment.  His companion Elder Emmelkamp on the left.

A short hike 20 minutes from his town, six weeks ago, in his words, "without oxygen."

Monday, October 13, 2014

My wife is in the gym Everyday...

Monday, October 13, 2014

The rule around here here is that when its raining on us our future wife is working out.... she is gonna be strong..

Me and Kampo... Emmelkamp... have renamed our apartment "The Think Tank".   We discuss really interesting doctrine in there I love it!  It gives me a chance to just think.  I don't know if you understand to what extent I love to think.  To theorize to be absolutely ridiculous and then try and back it up with a scripture haha it's awesome.

The scripture I want to share is the most real missionary scripture I can find!  2 Nephi 6.3.  It's how I feel with every investigator ever!

All my investigators are at a stand still right now..  So I'm not gonna share about them.  We are working hard and I know that they know a lot!  They just won't act!  Kampo and I have been on wake up duty lately.  We keep telling them about the blessings they could have if they would just act!  Right now we don't want to teach them more because if they have more knowledge that they don't act on we are just condemning them... it's a rough situation... But I like it.  Everyday is fun everyday!!

Conference won!  It was awesome!  We got to watch it in English which was double cool!  There was soooo much to learn and improve!  The best talk was Uchdorf in Sacerdocio (Priesthood)!  The question we can always ask as a form of self examination..."Lord is it I?"  I love it!  The mission is great!!

Erin: I love you you are awesome!  Keep moving forward!
Mason: Don't act like I used to. I was selfish... I regret that everyday here.
Zach: mornin! Thank you for the example!  I'm not worried about you.
Mom: Sorry i was rude to you back at home...
Dad: Sorry i was rude to mom back at home...

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

Monday, October 6, 2014


Monday, October 6, 2014

I'll probably be here till after Christmas. Transfers are this week, but Emmelkamp and I are most likely going to be here.
We use a computer at an internet cafe.
We couldn't watch conference because Sunday was alcalde elections so it was illegal to go to church.

Kidd says hi.
We play soccer once a week.
Hearing from people makes Monday awesome!

WOW the mission is so real!  You understand! Dad too.  But you're more recent.
This is for you and Dad.
Fulfill your calling with all you have. The ward mission leader here is inactive.  And does nothing.  If I hear that about you two I will run to Utah with my mountain man lungs and slap you like a chicken.

How is high school!  How is ol' Jordan  High? How are classes?  I heard you killed it in volleyball this week!  That's my sister!!  If you see Pinnock tell him hi for me!

Who are your teachers!  Have you been to a football game yet?  If so, what do you think?  Remember high school is a time to make yourself.  Not find yourself.  If you find yourself you may be unhappy with what you get!  If you make yourself you can change it whenever you want!  Have fun!  But not too much.  Listen to Zach and Erin and mom and dad!

todovoa no pasa nada can jhordy y su Familia. somos Amigos y nos aman, pero entienden que estamos aqui para cambiar sus vidas.  (Translation:  Nothing has happened with Jhordy.  His family and friends love us but they don't understand that we are here to change their lives.) 
Son though I feel it.  I know this family is going to accept the gospel. But it might not be in this transfer.

My personal goal has been to be more enthusiastic. MISSIONARIES ARE ENTHUSIASTIC. I AM A MISSIONARY.

I think I am starting to understand how huge the plan of salvation is.  It started during comp study when we were talking about forever... it's long.  It's a long time to not be in heaven, with our families, the people we love, God.  What could we do in this life that we could possibly say was worth spending eternity knowing that it's not gonna get better?   I can't stop thinking about this word.  Forever.  I spent time trying to think with an eternal perspective.  You know what I got?  I am small.  I am one of many Children of God and Yet he loves me.  He is counting on me.  And I need him.

I cant believe this is the end of transfer one... I still have a lot to learn and only like ten more years to learn it out here...(I tell myself everyday that I have ten years of mission left) anyway time is gonna run out. please excuse my selling and or grammar. love you all.

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett