Monday, February 29, 2016

Photos sent February 29, 2016

Their room

Hyrum likes mate. 



Hello Picture will come soon

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey Family,

This week was short.  Which is sad.  We had a lot of things to do and not much time. The new missionaries got here on Tuesday and the old ones died on Monday and we had a training on Wednesday so we are pretty amazed that we made it to Monday.

And although this week was crazy, next week will be crazier!!  We are having the Leadership council on Tuesday. Wednesday we will be in Tarma doing divisions on Thursday will be traveling to La Merced for a multizone and Friday is the multizone.  We are coming back on Friday in the afternoon and man that is how the week will be ending.

On Saturday we ate Gorditas that Elder Islas made with Tia Paty (my Pension) Haha when I call her that she calls me Chibolito.  But anyway we were there playing clue and the pension's son Hyrum who is 4 cuatlo as he says it came out and started drinking mate with me... And he loved it!!  What?!  What cuatlo year old loves mate?

After that we visited the _________ family. A family of 4 daughters 1 son and a single mother who has been going through really hard times since the oldest daughter left the house because she is addicted to heavy drugs. Miracles have been happening with this family ever since they decided to worry about the things IN their control.  Weeks ago we talked about the Prodigal Daughter hehe with them.  Not paying much attention to the actual daughter.  Talking about what should be happening in the family until she returns.  We talked about how that father who had lost his son probably didn't give up on God and, probably didn't give up on his other son.  But he probably kept working on his OWN salivation.  Doing the small and simple things to surrender himself to his breaking heart.  This family made a 180 degree change.  They started arriving to church early, they read the scriptures daily and saved money to go to the temple.  When they got back home from Lima. Josie (The Prodigal Daughter) called saying that she wanted to come home and talk, wow. I remember making that promise with Guti.  Saying, if you will focus on you and your kids that are still here Josie will come back.  I remember as I spoke thinking PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! God listen and fulfill this!!  I am so glad that God answers prayers.

On Sunday night we had a mission devotional with my old stake (Mantaro).  It was a Night with President Henderson.  haha Imagine Oprah President, as usual was spiritual and funny.  He told the story about how he and Mamma Henderson met.  After that the Stake Counselor who was doing the interview said, Did you all hear that? After just six weeks you could have successful marriages like President Henderson! To which president said I never said it was successful. I was lucky she only had 6 weeks to get to know me.

All in all it was a good week.

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett
Good to know that another package arrived safe and sound.

With Elder Calle.  "My new comp is from Piuuuuura.  That's how you say it." 

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 

Hey Family,

I hope this makes it to you all.. I don't know what happened but I guess my last 2 letters haven't made it sorry. I sent them again.

This week was really awesome. Full of references, lessons, dead missionaries.. (they are going home so they are called dead) Guti finished his mission.  How does time go by so quickly???  We were together for four and a half months!!  And now he's just gone!  Now he is just Felipe haha!  My new companion is Elder Calle.  He is awesome Elder White (who was the last health secretary) trained him..

This week if you remember Alexis from Mantaro.  HE GOT BAPTIZED!!!  He was so happy and is now set on serving a mission!!!  His mom finally let him!!!

So two weeks ago while guti and I were sitting in church in the sacrament meeting a familiar face came in a sat down. His name is Jesus a 16 year old kid. 

Story of Jesus.

When Guti and I got to La Florida we didn't know anyone or have anyone to teach.   Knowing that it's best to work through members so we started going from house to house contacting and asking if they knew any member in the area.  As we did that we found Jesus Or, the spirit found Jesus and took us to him..  Anyway he was really interested and we taught him.. After the first lesson he was really excited.  A few days went by and we couldn't seem to find him again.. his cousin Danny had told him that he should talk to us..(or something along those lines.) and he lost interest. So then why did Jesus go to church? His next door neighbor Brasilia (a member) gave him a Book of Mormon with her favorite verse marked.  And he read it.  And he loved it!  She invited him to church and he went.  We are now teaching him and he has a baptismal date for the 19 of March.

Moral of the story.  When he was a contact he wasn't too interested and had little desire to Come and See. When he was a reference he became the Golden Investigator.  There are two things I have noticed about members..  I think there are two things we could all do better.  

1.  Share the Gospel.. we could give a Book of Mormon or invite someone to an activity or simply be a good example there are 3 videos I love for this..

2.  Also I think we can all be more aware of people who don't quite feel comfortable at church.  We all know who the new people are. We should go talk to them..

The church is true and is something good. 
Sonriendo siempre 
Elder Glassett

with Elder Calle

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2016

Hey Family,

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

This week is easily the shortest week I have ever had, ever.

The summary is that we ended up having a crazy mission tour and I went back to Cerro and then to Huanuco...

The long story starts on Wednesday.  It was raining like crazy, well, like normal. (A normal day here is sunny in the morning and then rain the whole afternoon until night time.) It started at about 11 o'clock as usual at about 3 o'clock we were in the plaza getting a few things ready for the multi zone with Elder Godoy we had planned for Thursday.  Elder Godoy had his flight into Huancayo arriving at 5.  But with all the rain and clouds and wind there was no way they would let him leave from Lima.  The weather needed to clear up before 3:30 so that he would be able to leave.  And looking at the sky, I had a feeling it would clear up. It was weird because I was actually really sure that he would somehow get here.  I have never been so confident in something so hopeless. Well, at 3:30ish the rain stopped and in about 10 minutes that old Huancayo sun was cooking everyone like it normally does, crazy.

After the first Multizone we had a meeting with Elder Godoy and President.  We talked about how we do things in the mission and he gave us suggestions.  Everything that he said was something so simple and yet it seemed smarter, making me think that when we feel stuck between two options, the simplest one is probably the best.

After that was all over we went to Cerro for the night.  Man I love that place.  I was able to sleep the whole night without waking up out of breath.  I guess living in Huancayo for 10 months has its benefits.  When we arrived we checked into the hotel and went to find dinner.  In Cerro food is not one of the highlights. You have to be a little picky or you will get sick.  As we looked, we decided to that anything would do because. 1. we weren't that hungry and 2. if Pasco didn't kill us the first time then it probably can't.  And it didn't, but we did eat faster than I thought we would.  I guess we were hungry.  After that we saw Mama Nery. Man I love that lady!  We went to her house the next morning so that Elder Gutierrez could say goodbye and man it was hard to leave. 

The most important thing we can do in life is learn to Love.  To really Keep the Two Great Commandments.  I think that is how we can be happy..

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett


Create your own caption.  I have no idea what this picture is all about.  : )

Likely not Cerro cause he'd be dressed a little differently if it was taken there.

The church's email system has had some glitches recently so I have a few letters that were sent but never made it to us.  

February 5, 2016 

Okay FAM,
You are probably wondering why I am writing today.  Well it's Sister Henderson's birthday and so we are having pday today.  WOOOOOOO.  

This week was leadership council.  So that was fun.  The day after council we did divisions with the zone leaders from Huanuco. My old area in Huanuco. So that was cool. The even cooler thing was that one of the zone leaders was Elder Evans from Draper Utah.  WOOOOO!!  It was good to see him again and work with him for a day. 

I seem to be making a habit of trimming peoples bushes.  I've been doing that a lot lately and we have been getting new investigators with it. So I guess I'll just let nature take its course with this one.

Yesterday we talked to a less active.  His name is Luis and he is about 16.  Both of his parents died not too long ago and he is living with his aunt and cousins.  He says that he hasn't felt the spirit for a long time and we see him very confused.  Not really knowing what is going on in his life.  My companion and I didn't really know what to say because we have never been through something like that.  But I thought of the video by Elder Nelson called "men's hearts shall fail them" where he says, if you have enough faith you will be able to make it through the trials.  And I thought of James 1:6 that says he that doubts is like a wave of the sea. Which, is tossed from one side to another. (The Elder Glassett Spanish to English translation) From here on out to be known as EGT.  Lastly I thought about Hel 5:12 that says, "it is upon the rock who is Christ the redeemer where we should set our foundations which is a sure foundation.  A foundation where on if men build they shall not fall."  I kind of realized that what is happening to Luis is something that happens to all of us we all go through a time when we don't really have an anchor, we are kind of floating in the sea like a wave. Or maybe we feel like a house built upon sand.  As people, we have a weird habit of looking for ourselves when kids start to rebel the parents say "he just hasn't found himself yet."  But I don't think that. I think we should be in charge of building ourselves.  Choosing a foundation and building.  We build our foundations on Christ as we follow the commandments of the Father.  As we do what Christ told the young rich man.

It's been a good week I can't complain about anything.

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Because of Cody's assignment we often times don't get letters on the actual day of pday.  The up side of that is that there are photos of him floating on various blogs and facebook pages.  I just have to go in search of them.  

Here's one from last week.  It was Mama Henderson's birthday and Cody got to celebrate with her.  He loves Mama Henderson!!

Thank you Coco for looking at the camera!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

These photos came from facebook.  I have no details other than these are the office elders and Cody paid 15 dollars for his shoes and he loves them! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

i no longer know what to say in these things...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hey Family,

Sorry about last week.  We had a crazy pday and didn't really have more than 5 minutes at a time in the office.

In summary I'm good. I have spent so much time in the last week at a movie star store with my companion that they gave us coffee mugs.  haha I think they think we are employees now..  That is the phone service here.

Wednesday we found the catholic block of our area.  haha  We have never been rejected so many times.  Every appointment failed and we ended up only finding 2 people that were interested.  Neither one lives in our area.  We sent the references. The weird thing about Wednesday was that we were so happy at the end of it.  Even though we were tired and had nothing to show for it. It makes me think of a part in acts when all the apostles had been taken and beaten and left singing praises of gratitude that were counted worthy to suffer in the name of the Lord.  I am grateful that I can work and wear myself out for him.

The work is crazy.  We had a bit of a crazy week. I spent a good amount of time on Thursday trimming bushes while my companion contacted... They talked for so long that I finished the little lot!  Later that day we were teaching a new investigator. (A Very Set Catholic woman) but also very nice and open to conversation. She told us that she thought that Mormons where rich racist people because she has never known one.  She was surprised to hear that we are really not that different from her and her beliefs.

As we did a little bit of CCE (how to begin teaching) I asked if there was anything in particular that she would like us to talk about or a question she had about our church. She said almost in tears. Talk to me about Jesus. I had been feeling like we should talk about the Book of Mormon. So we did both!!!  Haha! Good thing the Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ Right?!  We went to Mosiah.  And read about what Abinadi prophesied about the will of the son being swallowed up in the will of the father. The spirit was so strong we gave her the Book of Mormon and she was so excited to read it.  I am grateful for that book.  We read it every night American's in Spanish, Latin's in English..  It's awesome.

Well family that it pretty much it.

Sonreindo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

Throw back to Pampas

Throw back to Mantaro.  "I'm sitting in a cup."

Sitting on the best grass in Peru.