Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Monday, December 15, 2014
This week we left our investigator drought...  Por Fin!!!!! (Finally!)  I know what president means when he says that not just any missionary gets sent here...  But all that being said... I want to stay here at least one more tranfer!  Cerro has humbled me.  It took away my air.  It made me have to climb to knock every door.  To search for every person.  But I love all of that. Cerro de Pasco is a monster. But, I learned how to live with it and can see no reason to complain. 
So we have 5 news this week.  Two families both want to be baptized.  Let's see if this pans out! 
Also our pension went to the temple this week and we had to cook for ourselves... We made Peruvian sloppy joes...  They were good!  haha Then everyone was shocked that we didn't eat rice and boiled potatoes with it!.....  If I eat one more potato I will destroy all papas!  ¡les matare´! (They're awful/terrible.) 
I wish that I had a million details to tell you all... but this week I don't...  Any questions from anyone!?

The power in Cerro ran out this week... Here's a picture!!!

Sonriendo Siempre!

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