Monday, December 22, 2014

Did someone that I would learn a tough life lesson?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Note:  The heading is exactly as Coco wrote it.  I asked him if he forgot a word, but he isn't very good at answering all my questions.  I would add, think/hope/wish/pray, after the word "that."  It's up to the reader to determine what word he really meant.  Good luck!

This week was hard... Let me explain hard.  Four Lessons. OUCH!!  I don't even know how many miles I walked... I don't want to know either.  It was a lot. 
Like I said last week we had a multi-zone in Huancayo, where it's hot! Wow it's hot!  And they have grass! And we played soccer! For 3 hours! And that probably is why it was so much harder to walk up hills all day when we got home to Cerro. 
We stayed with Elder Martinez from Ecuador in Huancayo and he was a pretty cool guy!  His companion was from Bolivia which always means shy and quiet.  But Garcia and I broke him out of his shell!  It was a good time!  For real though, if somebody knows Bolivians they are just quiet, all of them. 
Then we got back to Paragsha and had the hardest week ever...  I honestly think that Satan knows that Garcia and I are always happy and joking...  He wants to end that but he can't... We are too happy! 
To take care of our dog problems hemos comprado "mata pagaritos" ("We bought sling shots!) Sling shots!  It's pretty awesome! ALSO GARCIA BROKE A DOG'S LEG...  It was actually kind of messed up but it was necessary!  
Other than that... all is good on the hill.  We have slowly moving investigators... But I mean they are moving forward so I can't complain! 
I will see your fat faces on jueves! Navidad!  In my wool knit tie from Mishki!  YAY1 
Elder Glassett
Pretty creative Christmas tree.  ....  Mason noticed the empty syringe.  He asked, "Where did you get the syringe?"  Coco replied, "The clinic."  Mason asked, "What was in it, drugs?????"  Coco replied,
"Yea... duh what am i gonna put in??? air?! There is none here!"

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