Saturday, January 9, 2016

Great Week!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

So family, 

This week has been great!!!  I have really missed going out every day to teach.  I think we got used to the office and being cramped in here all day that we forgot the happiness that comes from proselyting.  We have seen a few miracles!!!

We are opening an area and we both thought that we were going to have to pass a few hard weeks to see fruits and we were okay with that.  We planned on working double hard to make it a shorter nothing period.  (If that makes sense.)  But the Lord showed us that he wants us to succeed just as much as we do.  We worked for two days with everything we could, trying to contact effectively get to know members and the area.  The Lord blessed us with many less active families and prepared investigators.  We came across a house that Elder Gutierrez knew because he had done a division before.  As we took out an appointment we asked if there was someone in the area we could visit.  They gave us Peruvian directions.  (That means they told us the street and house color but that street has many house of the same color making it impossible to find the correct house on the first try.)  As we knocked doors looking for the reference, we knocked the door of an 18 named Daniel.  We made a quick joke with him about how his name is from the Bible and he should stay away from lions to break the ice.  Then his roommate cousin came out.  His name?  Jesus haha his little brother?  Joshua.  Full bible names on that street!!!  They are now new investigators and they are awesome.  Having area like Pampas and Cerro has helped me appreciate teaching smart people.  They had questions about the plan of salvation and we were able to explain to them our beliefs and they want to go to church with us tomorrow!!

My new pension is awesome!!!   I have been blessed with many good pensions in my mission, many of them I have called mama.

I am grateful to be in the field. I'm grateful for the inspired change in mission leadership that President had.

Random story, we have been looking to find a new mission house and yesterday in the morning we found an awesome one.  It was for rent and everything but the number was bad so we looked up the owner in the city hall.  Ex-terrorist.  Haha.  Looks like we won't be living there!!!!

I know this is the Church of Christ. The same one that was set up lost and restored.

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

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