Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hey Family,

This week went by about as quickly as I thought it would.  I can't believe that March is like halfway over and by the way does anybody know where February went?  The multizones went well!  We got to go back to Le Merced and San Ramon!  Those places are paradise for real!

Last Sunday was interesting.  We left the sacrament meeting and a 14 year old came up to us and asked if it was possible to be forgiven of his sins.  We quickly occupied a room and started talking.  We talked about the promise of Forgiveness that God has promised to those who repent.  We then asked him if he was willing to repent.  He said yes, so, we asked him what he did.  There was a pause then, he just kind of let it out.  He told us from the biggest to the smallest thing he had done.  Then started to cry.  We could feel our Father's love for him.  And I could see myself in him.  I realized what King Benjamin means when he says aren't we all beggars? Aren't we all unworthy of The Kingdom of God without Christ?  I think that with that mindset it is very hard to be Prideful...  President always says, "Being humble is not thinking you are less than you are... Being humble is knowing exactly where you are."  A good way to think about it.

Yesterday we were finally were able to go crazy in our area.  Working like was didn't all week... (Which is very true)  We finally got a copy of the New and Returning Member forms from the ward so we went looking for the people that we didn't know.  We didn't find them but, we found four new investigators by just looking for their houses so that's good.   Elder Godoy talked about a few things that have been helping a lot. 

· Lessons vs. Teaching 
 Teaching well or a lot. 
· Friends vs. Chosen people.  
Teaching people who are ready to hear the gospel or teaching people who always let us in but don't progress. 
· Activities vs. Results 
Using time wisely 
· Baptisms vs. Converts 
We have been trying to recognize when we are on the wrong side of these Missionary Traps . And it was been helping.  I am really grateful for the things I am learning as a missionary.
Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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