Saturday, March 19, 2016

One week later

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hello everyone,

Please disculp my tardance in manding my letter. (Spanglish) (Editor's note.  Not sure that's english or spanish.)

This week went well!  I have no complaints.  We had the district leader conference and then the last multizone of the most recent round.  I finished Acts and we had a party.  The last thing isn't true.

A little bit of a crazy thing happened on Thursday.  It was the Multizone pday.  And we played soccer on a FULL SIZE FIELD!!!  Man it is hard to play in Huancayo, but we finished and were on our way out of the complex place.  I was buying water and this is what happened. I asked the lady for cold water and she gave me regular warm water. (People think that any cold liquid you drink will get you sick) so, I wasn't too surprised.  As I was looking for a sol to pay a bunch of dust started flying toward the stand where we were.  The wind got stronger and stronger until everyone was pretty much blinded by the sand in the air.  Then out of no where the metal rooftop got blown off the walls of the shack.  In total, it was about 60 feet of metal roofing flying around about 20 feet above the ground like really big ninja stars.  HOLY WOW WE ALMOST DIED!!!  Luckily, a very big group of us were under the walls so we were pretty much safe.  There was one elder who got jumped by the runaway roof.  He ended up with about 4 stitches in his calf.  But was laughing about it the next day.

My comp and I have been practicing The Restoration in 4 minutes.  Maybe the coolest way to teach that lesson.  And we are taking advantage of Holy Week to teach it as often as we can.

I feel like it was a pretty normal week so I can't think of anything else exciting to tell you all.

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

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