Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This week

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last week I lied when I said it was my fastest week ever!! This week was even faster!

We got new elders yesterday. The two that were staying in my room left to Cucso and we got some Latins but I haven't had the chance to talk to them yet.

My Spanish is pretty dece. We went in to Lima North on Saturday and we went into the city to teach less activos it was cool! I went with a different companion whose name is Elder Lee. We basically went around the streets talking to people about the plan of salvation! It was cool! Everyone here is very Christian so it's easy to talk about Jesus and people are interested in talking to Americans so that gave us two ins! We handed out 8 folletas so that was good! We didn't know how many we were supposed to give out but I think 8 was solid...

P day was weird... Since the temple is closed we got to go to a place comparable to Mesopotamian.  It's called Caral!  It is the oldest city in the Americas! It was so sweet! I have pictures so ill send those in a sec.

Other than that the normal food here is rice and chicken...  I literally haven't not had that every day... that's right! I haven't not not had it!

I have been reading the bom like crazy like I told you last week!  Page 402 go me!  But something that is very stuck in my head is this principal... God Shocks us because we forget that he is God.  This is most evident in the 17 chapter of 1 Nephi! Nephi by the way is an absolute stud!  He is so cool!  I want to be Nephi!!

And thus I make an end to my epistle!



Live in the CCM "It's good! It feels like super long efy.... but without trying to impress any girls."

"So much rice and chicken ....................................I think I have gained weight."

"The only part of Peru that is barren... and the only part with sun.  I have seen the sun like four times since I got here."
Working on his "soft smile"

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