Thursday, July 24, 2014

week one doe

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hey everyone!  This letter won't be too long.  I only have 30 minutes because the internet has been down all day so our time got shortened.  I have an agenda of things to talk about so I'm just gonna jump into in.
 We listened to few devocionarios this week and they were super good!  One of them was Elder Holland.  He talked about how everything we want for those we will teach are things that God wants for us.  It made me think about my study habits and my prayer habits.  My job is to invite others to come closer to Christ and I really can't do that if it's something that I'm not already doing. Since today was p day we went to the temple and it was amazing.  I am starting to understand the incredible mercy that the gospel brings into our lives.  I get the feeling that if we are worthy to enter the temple we are probably worthy to achieve eternal life!  How lucky we are to have THAT knowledge.  I want you guys to know I'm safe!  And the only two reasons that I'll be coming home are when my two years are up or if I decide that I'm making a mistake by being here.. one of those things will happen. I love you guys I hope this is enough of a letter to tide you all over for the next week. I am grateful for your prayers.  I can literally feel them. les amo Cody

 My companion is Elder Roberts. He is from Holladay, Utah and is a dang cool guy!  Him and I have challenged each other to read the Book of Mormon in the next month.  It  is going swimmingly!  I'm on page179!  I have learned a lot from the Book of Mormon!  I know it is the word of God.  I invite everyone at home to read it and mark it! MARK EVERYTHING THAT YOU LIKE!  It gives you an opportunity to look back on the pages you read and clearly see everything you love about this gospel.

P.S. One more thing!! We watched a video called the atonement and missionary work. It's on youtube and should be the first thig that comes up when you type that in...WATCH IT IT'S SO GOOD!!! Okay now I have to go...

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