Monday, April 13, 2015

WOW Huánuco is HOT

Monday, April 13, 2015

Well if anyone is wondering the misión is still a party! Our baptism for this week fell through… que triste! Her name is Norma. She told us…AFTER PASSING THE INTERVIEW that she didn’t feel quite ready... after talking for a little we found that she hasn’t been super good about reading the Book of Mormon daily… man that is important! If somebody doesn’t read the book they will never know why it is important. I always tell people that if they never eat #tocush... They will never know it’s bad.... I am actually really happy that she told us!  If she hadn't, we would have baptized her when she wasn't ready.

I am actually really happy that she told us! If she hadn’t, we would have baptized her when she wasn’t ready.

We also left Sunday in the morning to find a few news!  And we DID!!  We found another woman named Norma ... strange... she was taking the lessons 20 years ago!!!  When 
I was still in the premortal world!!!  She told us she has been wanted to return to the church!!!  We also found a few people from the ward who will help us "Hermanar" our less actives... We found a girl named Claudia who we still haven't been able to visit but her  and her mom and brothers have come to the church twice!!!


I am so happy that I was in hard areas… that people here are educated so we don’t have to explain in such simple ways and the people still understand the message! But there are still a few Cholitas y cholitos… who can’t read… so I’m glad I have experience teaching in the hills!

Also a wedding exploded in our faces this week. The mayor called and cancelled the day before and the couple stopped coming to church…but we learned that those people just wanted a free wedding… I mark that as a success.. I think God knew and he stopped it.

Sonriendo Simpre,

Élder Glassett


They take a type of potato they call papa blanca. Then they put them in a metal box. Then they put it in a river… FOR MONTHS!!!!!! Usually 3 to 4…. Mmmmm Qye rrrrrrrrrrico!

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