Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015


This week happened so fast I actually don’t know what to write!

Norma and Estrella were baptized this week. And it was a really cool baptism.  Norma the day of her baptism got really scared. (She thinks she is going to sin again.... which of course will happen) but she almost didn’t want to go to the baptism... In fact, on the way she almost turned back! It might have been the biggest trial of faith she has had yet! Elder Reis and I had the strong feeling to NOT swing by her house even though we really wanted to because her phone doesn’t work and so we couldn’t call to confirm everything...  In the end, she said that when she left the water she was happy she had done it! I think all converts say that which mean that to some point the spirit really does pour out onto them!  

Life is great! We have interviews with President this week! And then next week we have divisions in the jungle!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm actually super excited for that

Today is the first pday that is a little more relaxed of the transfer! Which is good because my comp and I are both with a fevers….not super high…. Don’t worry mom! But we need to rest!!!

We are working with a family who is awesome!! The mom and son! Are so excited.  But the dad and sister are taking a little longer!! We need them to get married but the dad is stubborn .. so we are working on that…. I really have nothing more to say!!

Sonreindo Siempre!
 Elder Glassett

Coco with Elder Reis.  Notice the white board to the left.  I think Coco is teaching his comp English.

Guessing that this is Norma and her daughter Estrella. 

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