Thursday, September 10, 2015

Se encuentra en 2 de Nefi(hable de noche...)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hey Family!  And everyone else that reads this!  I hope that all is well in whatever beautiful part of the USA you are in!  I know that God answers prayers because the USA beat Peru this week and I was able to rub that in lots of people faces!  WOOOOO haha.  We were teaching a guy named Fred and he prayed to end the lesson haha and in his prayer he asked for Peru to win.  And then I told him that it's a good test to see if God listens to prayers and then Peru lost.  hahah What am I teaching investigators?? 
This week was great!  I am finally able to relax for one pday...  And that makes me happy.  We have to clean the room because tomorrow the owners are going to look at it later. 
We were teaching a family of members this week about testimonies.  What they are, why we need one.  How to get one, how to share one, at the end of the lesson we all bore our testimonies.  And it was great!  In the moment that someone starts talking about Christ and all he has done and what we know about the plan of salvation the spirit comes.  It was with us for sure!  I am really grateful for the spirit.  Christ said he would send the comforter to us.  That he would give us peace.  Not like the world does.  I think that the Holy Spirit can only be described in that way, peace.  As if the little problems that we have aren't things to worry about.  I love the peace the Spirit brings!  
I have still been speaking in my sleep. Last night I was talking about 2 nephi in Spanish.  Who knows what part.  We are going into changes this week so let's see if I stick to my normal pattern and leave this change.  I don't think I will.  I think I'll be in the cool house for a little but longer!! 
This week I studied about pride.  In Helaman 4, in Matthew 20 with the vineyard.  It says something cool in 2 Nefi 31.7.  Being humble makes us obey the commandments!  I read a talk called beware of Pride!  Its really good! 
The church is true.  Christ Lives.  God Loves us And knows us.  Personally. 
Sonriendo Siempre, 
Eldercito Glassett
All the Argentine's with me.

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