Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week of weeks

Monday April 25, 2016


Sorry for writing late, although it still counts as writing. Today we went to Huaytapallana Again!!!  I only have to go two more times to tie Elder White who has gone 7!!

This week has been good.  Maybe a little stressful but normal.  Tomorrow I will be sending the numbers in because today we couldn't.  And the wheel keeps turning.  We are still teaching Samuel who likes to learn from us.  Like I explained he has been taught by a lot of churches but he likes the familiarity-ness of the Doctrine of Christ.  Which is just a little testimony that it was taught to us before we were born.  Every time he asks us something he says.  That's kind of what I thought. Wow, it's great.

This week we had a stake activity where all the missionaries, had to go because we were apparently going to be swimming in references and member support.  HA. Well we went and our ward did a presentation of the Jaredites my compi and I had the idea for them.  It was about the first set of elections in the American continent.  With a lot of funny Peruvian elements that will make sense with a basic knowledge of Peruvian government. Like:

· Voting in Place of birth. 
· Fines for not voting.
· All candidate ideas.
It was a good time.

That atheist kid that we are teaching is really cool!  He is really smart and NOT ATHEIST. haha.

We are teaching a guy named Cesar he is awesome!  We taught him a lesson the other day and the word he used to describe it was fue impactante (very impactful).  Wow!  He is totally ready and excited to learn more about God and Jesus Christ.

Oh yea one more thing!  I did an experiment this week where I cleaned my glasses twice, once during the sacrament and once more one week later.  In the sacrament. Two thoughts.  One they got really dirty, two I got used to it interesting.  Now that I am not in the experiment I am cleaning them a lot more.  Repentance.

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett
Cholo dressed like a cholo

This helped me not get sunburned.

Experiment with glasses and how it can relate to repentance.

Still finding photos in the vast internet from the hike a few weeks ago.

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