Monday, October 20, 2014

This week was .....

Monday, October 20, 2014

My companion and I are... first of all awesome.

2nd wow we are obedient!

Due to the fact that baptisms are s....l......o.........w we have been trying to at least be obedient.  In interviews, President told us that if he has missionaries that don't baptize but they follow the rules he's fine with that!

Mom, I was laughing the other day because you asked me once how I was gonna be obedient in the mission if I wasn't at home.. I told you I didn't know but I would... well, I WAS right about that! so that's one thing!

More..we have found 6 new investigators this week!!  Which was our goal! That's so good for here!

oh... one little note.  A guy from the stake told us the other day that if we don't baptize in a month they are gonna close the area.... so that's pressure to missionaries working with hardened mountain people.....gaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Also....a man told us that the longer you are in Cerro the thicker your blood gets... it is gelatin.... anyone wanna tell me if THAT'S true???   I would like to know that!

JORDY SET HIS OWN DATE!  It's for the 1st of November!  I and praying like crazy his mom lets him do it!!  She doubts the gospel.  She loves us and thinks the Church is good.... for others... we are trying to show her that really there is no other way  2 Nefi 31, 21 which is the scripture that explains that.

But still all is well all is well!

Elder Glassett
Coco's apartment.  His companion Elder Emmelkamp on the left.

A short hike 20 minutes from his town, six weeks ago, in his words, "without oxygen."

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