Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Will Shlay it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

We Will Shlay it! 
Our comp motto is this.

It is also...
We suck but we are trying...
which is true..

So some cool things happened this week!  I will start with a man name Lucho. Lucho was Catholic... till he read the bible.  Since then he has been changing things about his religion, he has learned things!  Talk about real intent!  He wants to be a follower of Christ!  And we had a milagro con him on martes (miracle with him on Tuesday) we were reading James 1.5 and Lucho freaked out because he read that verse the DAY BEFORE!  He is ready!  As we were thinking about members we could bring that would get along with Lucho (because his personality is a little strong) we thought of Gregorio.  Then we found out they have been buddies for a while.... inspiracion!!! It was cool!

This week I took the liberty to create a self inventory and self evaluation sheet!  I have a point system...  HAHA it's awesome!!  I can receive a total of 88 points weekly!  I'll tell you what I get next week...

Erin and Mason... I have wisdom for you two.  When I was dumb, Zach would tell me to deal with rules and just get used to it they are a part of life.. that didn't do it for me because I didn't see the point of doing things I don't want to... let me explain it a different way.. there will come a time when you are not at home and you will think about the kind of son or daughter you were.  You will most likely regret the person you were either way but you can improve a little!  Be the person you won't regret later!

Love you all!  I have to go!

Sonriendo Siempre
Elder Glassett!
Coco with Elder Cook.  In his words, "from Idaho ... solid guy."

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