Monday, October 6, 2014


Monday, October 6, 2014

I'll probably be here till after Christmas. Transfers are this week, but Emmelkamp and I are most likely going to be here.
We use a computer at an internet cafe.
We couldn't watch conference because Sunday was alcalde elections so it was illegal to go to church.

Kidd says hi.
We play soccer once a week.
Hearing from people makes Monday awesome!

WOW the mission is so real!  You understand! Dad too.  But you're more recent.
This is for you and Dad.
Fulfill your calling with all you have. The ward mission leader here is inactive.  And does nothing.  If I hear that about you two I will run to Utah with my mountain man lungs and slap you like a chicken.

How is high school!  How is ol' Jordan  High? How are classes?  I heard you killed it in volleyball this week!  That's my sister!!  If you see Pinnock tell him hi for me!

Who are your teachers!  Have you been to a football game yet?  If so, what do you think?  Remember high school is a time to make yourself.  Not find yourself.  If you find yourself you may be unhappy with what you get!  If you make yourself you can change it whenever you want!  Have fun!  But not too much.  Listen to Zach and Erin and mom and dad!

todovoa no pasa nada can jhordy y su Familia. somos Amigos y nos aman, pero entienden que estamos aqui para cambiar sus vidas.  (Translation:  Nothing has happened with Jhordy.  His family and friends love us but they don't understand that we are here to change their lives.) 
Son though I feel it.  I know this family is going to accept the gospel. But it might not be in this transfer.

My personal goal has been to be more enthusiastic. MISSIONARIES ARE ENTHUSIASTIC. I AM A MISSIONARY.

I think I am starting to understand how huge the plan of salvation is.  It started during comp study when we were talking about forever... it's long.  It's a long time to not be in heaven, with our families, the people we love, God.  What could we do in this life that we could possibly say was worth spending eternity knowing that it's not gonna get better?   I can't stop thinking about this word.  Forever.  I spent time trying to think with an eternal perspective.  You know what I got?  I am small.  I am one of many Children of God and Yet he loves me.  He is counting on me.  And I need him.

I cant believe this is the end of transfer one... I still have a lot to learn and only like ten more years to learn it out here...(I tell myself everyday that I have ten years of mission left) anyway time is gonna run out. please excuse my selling and or grammar. love you all.

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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