Monday, November 24, 2014

Elder Garcia and I

Monday, November 24, 2014

So my dad has left me... He went to the Jungle... donde hace bien calor....booo! (I think something about how hot he is going to be there.)  I bet it would be weird to be warm... Actually it has been really warm lately... I don't know what the temperature has been but it has been hot... To answer your question dad, the weather is like Utah in the summer... but cold... and the sun is waaaaaaaay hotter because it's really close... 
So we are teaching Paulina, Rosa, The Lopez family and a few less activos!!  All our investigators are pretty new and the ones from before are moving slowly.  We got a call this morning from a member who has been drinking and crying a lot lately.  His wife and daughter have left him and he is sad. 
Also I have become a more direct missionary... a little more fearless.... less afraid to tell the people how it is... but i'm still loving.  Don't Worry :) 
We are training the ward to understand the priesthood because they don't.  FANTASTIC. 
All is WELL UP HERE!!!
Fun Fact: Today i get to go to the clinic to see why my hands are swelling like crazy...  Don't worry Mom I'm fine!!!

I love you all!
Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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