Monday, November 17, 2014

What more can I do for this Vina......

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello... firstly hi everyone thank you for reading this email.. 
This week was RRRRRROOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH Ouch...  It went too fast and a lot happened... 
First.. Last Monday Maria Lopez died and that made it REALLY hard on her kids...  Then Elder Rojas went to Lima and there were three missionaries in Paragsha so we had to be a three set... which is awful!!!!!  Zach knows...  Then after that EVERYTHING FAILED...  We were working in plan F which is after Pray and Cry.... haha but I'm still happy!....  I don't know how... I really shouldn't be...  I'm cold everyday. People don't like us.  My comp is leaving me and I can't feel my hands... BUT I wake up everyday laughing and that's how I go to bed.  I can't complain. 
Yesterday a woman named Cindy who is usually really shy... OPENED UP TO US!!! NOW WE CAN HELP HER I'M SOO EXCITED I USE RUN ON SENTENCES AND SPELLING THINGS WRONG...  She has been having problems with her marriage... which me and Kampo called...  But we went with a member and he is really helpful!  I would like to say more but time is up! 
Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett
With Carlos, the gefe - Carlos, the boss

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  1. Warmth is over rated. Love to read your experiences. Brings back great memories. Keep smiling your doing good work. Hang on e light will come.