Monday, November 10, 2014


Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello everyone in a place warmer than me.
This week was slow!!  Leaving the area for a conference didn't allot us to set up a lot of citas... so we worked a lot in plan b`s... which FAILED... but its okay we tried!!
Today was crazy day.  There is a woman in our ward who has been bedridden since June!  We help bring her the sacrament and visit her and her son a few times a week.. Yesterday we were at her house and she was REALLY bad worse than normal! Crying.  Her visiting teachers were there so we did the sacrament and asked how we could help her... she said nothing so we left...  This morning at 8 we got a call that she had passed. She only had one active daughter and 7 other sons.  We went over at 10 to give a lesson of comfort.  We shared
Alma 40:11-12
Jaun 11:25
DYC 76:62
Helaman 5:12
Then shared the mormon message by Elder Nelson about when he was in an airplane and he was calm because he has faith....  It was intense! I have had few lessons in my mission that are intense... I'd say about 5 total... and they have all been pretty recent I think as I have become more sensitive to the spirit it has happened.
I am so happy that I have a knowledge of the plan of salvation. What a blessing it is to KNOW what happens when we pass this life.  What a blessing this Gospel is for us! 
Anyway... all is well, all is well! 
Sonriendoo Siempre, 
Elder Glassett
"This is a picture of me contacting with Tyron the Sheep."

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  1. An experience that will stay in your heart for a life time. Keep serving Elder. Sizemore sonriendo.