Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another week another dollar...

Monday, July 20, 2015

For the record every week is worth way more than a dollar!  It's the Peruvian Discount.  This week was super awesome and too fast! I cannot believe that transfers are about 1 week away!  That’s crazy!  Haha. I always think of that part of the song Walls by The Rocket Summer ... 
Does anybody know where February went?
And March
And Abril
And May
And June???
The time goes fast and I really can’t believe it…

My comp and I are working for two investigators that have dates for this Saturday... We just don’t know if there will be enough time to teach them everything they need before then. They are super awesome and ALWAYS keep the things we leave for them.  And ALWAYS come to church.  But, they have crazy lives and it is hard to find time to teach them so we are working on that.

Funny story: 
We live with two other Elders. The Zone leaders of Los Andes. Two Greengos who think they are funny because they hide in our closets at night when we get home and jump out to scare us….  So we got revenge..hehehe..  It was a normal day.. after a bunch of appointments that had gone well we got a call from the personal sec to tell us that we had to go get a few missionaries from the terminal to Lima..  At 9:30… which is late for those returned missionaries that are reading… but we went... But, before we left we stopped by the house to drop off our bags….  And found the other Elders' bags were already there…  It was the perfect opportunity to do something we had been wanting to do for a while…  A FAKE ROBBERY!!!  Oh my gosh it couldn’t have worked out better!  They got to the house and it was an absolute disaster!  REALLY BAD!  And we had taken all of their things that are expensive and hid them… it was great. Elder Ottley told me Glassett i'm not even mad I just feel sick..  Fernandez and I went into our study room to laugh and they came in thinking we were crying…. A nice touch I think..  After we told them it was us they laughed with us… and all was well!  A great joke that I would recommend..  P.S. we got the idea from an investigator who did that to his girlfriend… what a bad investigator..

Lastly, today we went to a place called Huaytapallana which is a huge glacier about 16,000 feet above sea level… it was awesome!  And also…. I'm never going again… Once is enough..

Sonriendo Siempre, 
Elder Glassett

Huaytapallana Glacier.  Coco said it was 16,000 feet above sea level.  Wikipedia says it is 18,000 feet above sea level.  Perhaps 18,000 is at the top of the glacier. 

Mom:  "What is that you are standing by?  Please tell me someone doesn't live there..."  Coco:  "I cannot deny or confirm that statement..." 

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