Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Saturday, October, 31, 2015

Today we are going to do a barbecue, play basketball and be relaxed.  We had a crazy trip to the jungle until Wednesday so we are trying to take it slow today... (Note: I believe he means from Monday to Wednesday, but I think his brain is thinking in Spanish.)

I have been doing training for zone leader conferences we have 3 multi zones in the next two weeks that we have to do trainings.  
My apt is a 4000 sole house.... but the missionaries before didn't really take care of it so..  It's okay... We eat out a lot... Traveling and stuff.  We often can't be in the pension very much... But, when we can be she cooks really well!  We do our own laundry which is nice because we have a machine and we can wash whenever we need without really having to wait for another week.  I'm happy here!!  It's cool that president trusts me with something like this!  And God as well!

I have been trying to be very careful about being humble. haha  In Timothy it talks about the signs of pride... haha being disobedient to your parents is on the list... Which helped me realize that I was pretty bad before... and I didn't really notice...  I have tried to be better at noticing so that I can change really well before I get home..

We try to be regular missionaries...  But we have so many things to do that we can usually only proselyte from 4-8 also there is a lot less to tell you guys about for this week!!  Sorry... I know how much you hate short letters..
(Note:  He must have been busy because he didn't even sign this letter.  But, a short letter sometimes means lots of pictures... )
In the jungle.


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