Monday, December 7, 2015

i see dead people... and new borns.

Sunday, December 6, 2015 

Family and not family,

I decided to write one of those letters that moms love because it will cause me to think about all the little details that I am normally too lazy to write. 

So this week went by well.  We said goodbye to the group of missionaries who were finishing the mission and welcomed the group of newbies.

We are now 6 elders. For the past 2 years more or less the office has had a senior couple working here. The financial secretary Elder Ammonet has helped the mission so that we can have two more proselyting elders.  But, now that he is finishing the mission we have 2 more elders.  And we had changes of secretaries.  My comp and I are together for one more change and we are with Elders Holmes (California), Islas (Mexico), Compton (Cache Valley, basically Idaho), Collantes (The proud country of Arequipa).  Arequipa is part of Peru that tried to separate many years ago.  They had their own money, passports, and laws.  But they never really made it as a country.  The joke is to act like they aren't Peruvians.

We made tacos yesterday, thanks to Elder Islas!  I got pretty good at making tortillas!  After that we played monopoly and my companion and I joined forces and won!  (Beating the financial sec which is not a small feat.)

I said goodbye to three really good friends this week.  It's crazy how much you can come to love people you haven't known for a long time.  I actually started crying to see one of them cry in the bus station.  Elder Ries. He might be one of my best friends from the mission.  Just another blessing I have from the lord's service.

Starting on the 17thish, we will be doing the Christmas Multi-zone Tour.  So if I don't write then that's why...

Today we had a baby blessing in our ward.  Where the mom and non-member dad participated in the circle.  Can anyone tell me if that's part of the changes they made in manual 1 of the Church?  Because that sounds pretty wrong to me but I'd like to know what the changes were before I make a fool of myself..

On a more exiting note, I have gained a kilo.

In February Elder Godoy from the Area will be coming to do a Tour of the mission. 
Sonriendo Siempre, 
Elder Glassett

Ping Pong at President's
At Huaytapallana.  The highest point in the Huaytapallana Mountain range.  The summit is 18232 feet above sea level.

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