Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015  (Sorry, this one is out of order.)

Hello Family!

Man it has been a fast week! I can't believe it is already Saturday! Today is technically p-day but we are only writing today, because on Monday we have to go to a place called Posuso.  It is the German settlement here in Peru.  We decided to do our Monday stuff today and use Posuso as a p-day!!!  Wooo!

I live in the mission house with four other elders.  Elder Gutierrez, my comp, he's from Chile and is super cool!  Elder White from my group really funny guy!  And Elder Livingston who is one of the nicest guys ever!  Also there is Elder Ammonet, he is a senior missionary and a professional poet!  Well, he has a book...so that's pretty official. 

The days are very different here. And I’m learning a lot. Haha. I have learned that I NEED to have a job that involves doing something exciting and different every day! 

Yesterday as we were running around and buying a few things that we needed. We ran into two people that stopped us and said, “How can I learn more about your church?”  Today we met another guy who has family that have served missions.  He has lost touch with the missionaries so we were able to put him back in contact.
In the book every member a missionary it says that anything we do, with a little thought, can be a great missionary opportunity. I think that’s true… I challenge everyone who reads this to ask yourself 3 questions.

1.  Is the gospel a blessing in my life? What has it done for me?
2.  Is it worth sharing with someone I love?
3.  How can I do it without feeling awkward?

Okay I know that’s technically 4 questions… but the point is to make us think.

I know that Christ lives. I feel very strongly that he knows me. I love him. I hope one day I will be able to thank him for all he has done for me.  

 “The Atonement was not only a Sacrifice Christ made for us, it was an investment he made in us.” Brad Wilcox.  The thought of this investment helps me realize the work that it requires on our part.  I imagine us going into an office where Christ is seated at a desk.  We sit down, and show him our proposal saying, “Jesus… this is what I can do... This is my plan. I can do this…” and Christ gives us the loan and says “i'll cover you...” knowing full well that we would not be able to even comply with the whole plan we proposed.  Jesus is so merciful.

Sonriend Siempre,
Elder Glassett

Visiting a bat cave.

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