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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hey family,

So this week went by faster than I thought it would. It started on Monday when we went to Huaytapayana with a few zones.  Haha. I have now gone three times!  Not bad!  On Tuesday president called us over to his house to do the changes.  What an experience!  I can definitely say that the Lord is in charge of his work and not any of us.  I can't count how many times somebody said something that had been on my mind about a change or how many times I gave an idea and somebody said that they had been thinking the same thing.  It reminded me of something I heard once.  We are not humans who have spiritual experiences.  But, spiritual beings that have human experiences. It is really true.  The first thing that my companion told me when I got here was that revelation will be more direct, and that you have to just do or say what I tells you.  That is true.

We taught a lesson yesterday that changed a lot about how I saw blessings.  We taught the uncle of a returning less active.  His uncle, Tiodoro, got in a car crash about 10 years and damaged the left half of his brain.  Making the right half of his body completely uncontrollable.  His arm and leg are constantly moving in circles and his tongue has been asleep for so long that he almost can't be understood.  Tiodoro was being taught by the missionaries years ago and has been wanting to be baptized since the.  The coolest part was when he said in the most understandable voice he could "I'm ready tomorrow."  I just wanted to fix him.  To cure him.  Or do something.  It was a humbling moment.

Something else I thought about was when I was in Pasco...  And I couldn't really speak too well.  And I thought I was weak or something for missing home, so I didn't tell my companion.  I felt the only one I could talk to was God.  I thought only he would understand me.   I thought about how petty of a thing that was compared to 10 years of Tiodoro's life.  And how God probably is the only one who can fully understand him.

I think prayer is even more important than I had thought.  In the book of Ether it says the brother of Jared ceased to call upon the lord as he did before.  And the Lord.  Chastised him for three hours.  Then, The Brother of Jared repented for the evil he had done.  (Not praying was the evil he had done.)  Let's all get better at are prayers.  Let's all take time to build our relationship with God.  Let's all do what the spirit tells us.  No thought is our own.

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

Coco and his comp, Elder Gutierrez

Mission lineage.  Coco and his "son" and "grandson."

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