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Monday, November 23, 2015

(The computer does crazy things to coco's emails and because I don't know what this says, I cannot fix all the crazy things.)
No he comido esas papas. algo semejante se llama tocush... eso es papa guardada en un rio por mas o menos 6 meses. tiene un olor que mata. y es una regla que no lo camamos por se tan feo.
la foto que les mandé es de la officina. los otros dos greengos son los seretarios... o eran. esta semana stamos cambiando a la oficina. y agregando dos secretaios mas. seremos 6 ahora. probablemente estaré aquí por 5 meses mas. Y ojalá que salga capacitando...(que bueno que yo estoy en cargado con eso..:)
Y tambien. si comeré thanksgivig.. en lasa casa del presidente! Sí tengo muchas razones por ser agradecido!
Last year at the same time there was a strike.  The employees just want more benefits.  When it ends everything should start going through normally.
About the missionaries. Commitments are the most important thing we do and missionaries. we invite people and call people to repentance.  But not by standing on a street corner and yelling the word "repent!!"  But, by changing peoples habits and helping them to fill their time with better things.
Based on the statement that "I am the sum and total of my thoughts, words, and actions." As a missionary my goal is to elevate the thoughts, words and actions of those I teach.  Helping their "sum and total to be higher... repentance!!!
Commitments should be inspired.  Punto. They should be explained. The blessings should be testified. In chapter 11 of preach my gospel it explains better how people can make and KEEP commitments.
Love you tons! 
Thank you for being a supporting member of the work of salvation!
fun fact... it's not called missionary work.  Its the work of salvation..

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