Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Its puppy season

Monday, September 15, 2014

To explain the subject line... there are a million dogs here... and HALF OF THEM ARE PREGNANT!!! Or have recently had puppies...

Anyway this week a lot has happened.  We took a taxi the other day from cenrto and the taxi driver liked me... He loved me!  He told me that my face was white like the devils... but it was fine because I have the power to beat him...  Weird compliment but I'll take it!!  Before we left the car he asked if we could say a prayer.  He said it and during the middle he sartted singing and clapping... Not the weirdest prayer story..  But it's a good one!

Later we had divisions. I was with Elder Kidd! From the Draper Utah Stake!  What?  It was cool!  We went hard on this town... setup up a whole bunch of citas that ALL FELL THROUGH... pucha..

Okay I'm running short on time which sucks but I'm gonna try and be spiritual...

The more I'm hear the better I learn to pray.  I can feel a stronger bond grow between me and my father in heaven...  That's the one thing i've learned so far.  Prayers are becoming a journal entry.

Sonriendo siempre

Elder Glassett!

Questions and Answers.....

Are you the only two missionaries living in the clouds?   No there's a whole zone of about 12 I think.

Do you work with one ward or branch? If there are 70,000 people there as the internet claims, that’s a huge area for one ward.  It's a stake we work in, ward Paragsha!  We usually have about 50 people at church.  Our area is a hill...  That's it.  Just one hill!

How is Jordi?  Jordi is losing excitment... sad i know...  It's taken so long for his parents to say yes that he doesn't know if he wants to be baptized anymore..  Our other investigators are Ovaldina and Nilta and Dora..

You said the pensionista feeds you. All three meals? Do you get three meals?  Yes all three!  We cant eat anywhere but with her...

What do you do on pdays? play 9 card... ha!

What is the best thing you have eaten so far? What’s the worst?  Everything is pretty good.. There's one thing we have a lot called mas amora...which is the worst... but still not bad.

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