Monday, September 8, 2014

Mom Happy Late Birthday

Monday, September 8, 2014

(Mom's questions are in italics.  Coco's answers follow the questions.) 

How was your week?  fast 

How is your comp?   my dad is doing great! 

How are your living arrangements?   cold... we have had no power since Friday... meaning no lights and no heat... fun.. 

Are the people feeding you?   we have a pensionista.  She is the only lady allowed to feed us.. a normal breakfast is fried bananas.. you get used to it.. 

Is your house warm? NOT EVER

Are you using your sleeping bag?  DUH

Is your camera card really broken?   I know I still have it!

How are the altitude headaches?   I'm used to the elevation.. in fact last week we had a conference in Huancayo and I had too much air and got a headache...

How are you feeling in general? listo siempre listo.. (ready, always ready)

Can you breathe yet?  I'm fine!  Todo Bien Aqui!!

I want my missionary scripture to be 
DyC 78: 7.

So power's gone still... it's awesome... 

A drunk guy tried to steal me the other day... It was awesome!  He was like I need help come visit me!  Sorry we have a cita, another day!  Then he just took my hand and started walking...  Dad saved me... I'm okay!

We have been working with a kid named Jhordi..  He wants to get baptized but his parents want to see a change in him first..  They want to see him practice what he learns BEFORE he commits..  He's been stressed out and Saturday night decided to leave his house.  We found this out Sunday morning when we went to get him for church!  Me and dad said a prayer to help us take the right course whether that be to find him or wait.

We both had the impression to go to the highest part of our area... with no luck. When Jhordi came back and we talked to him we found out we probably could have yelled "Jhordi" and he would have heard us...  We were so close... Anyway we were family counselors last night and he and his mom are doing ok!  I've thought a lot about why God brought us so close but didn't feed us the answer.. So close to Jhordi..  A tough hike at a high altitude, so close.  And we didn't find him.

I've thought a lot about this cause i'm a thinker... You all know that and this is what I have..  God takes us to the edge of the light... to the point where we can't see anything ahead of us.  Then he waits. He waits for us to make a move forward... He waits knowing that as soon as we move he will give us the rest of the light...  My comp and I didn't think for ourselves... We didn't make an action to show God we were waiting...  This is what I think.

Sonriendo Siempre, 

Elder Glassett

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