Monday, September 29, 2014

The week of weeks

Monday, September 29, 2014

No it wasn't a baptism or something like that that made this week awesome... We haven't taught a million lessons or have any recent members saved.. but I have a cool story.

We have been working with a 20 year menos (less) active named Dora.  And she asked us a cool question. She said,  ¨Why is it that I only every feel like I need to hurry home when I know you guys are coming?  Why do I just spend all day anticipating you two?¨  I looked at her and quite simply said, "Sister Dora, we are representatives of Jesus Christ."  And she stopped.  She sat back in her chair and just said "Wow!"  The thing was that I felt the words enter and leave my mouth. They were not mine!  I went on to explain that we have been called by a prophet who was called of God.  We are literally acting and speaking on behalf of Jesus Christ.  I think it took me up until that point to realize that.  Talk about inspiration!!
Also I have yet to have used a computer with a working usb drive but I always check!! Anyway I'm gonna send pictures asap!!

Mason....oh little one. You are like me.  You think that things only happen to you... Believe me when I say you are exactly like me... That's not gonna get you places around the house. You know mom and you know dad!  You don't have A CHANCE AT WINNING... YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO CHANGE... SO DID I BUT I DIDN'T...  You've got 4 years of high school left and you might as well figure out one thing, be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's my advice.  Be honest and act your age.  You don't need a girlfriend buddy... you're 14... you can't even date according to the prophets... think mas....

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

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