Monday, September 29, 2014


Monday, September 22, 2014

Paula'a Note.  It's double letter Monday.  So sorry I didn't get this uploaded earlier.

Being a missionary makes you so tired!!

Ok I'm done with that!
Let me start by saying this...
I know I'm gonna be a scout leader one day... for a while.
Why else would God put me in a place were we camp EVERYDAY?
It's kind of awesome!  Now you can sell my bed.  I think I'd rather live in my sleeping bag forever!

This week was better than last week.  Jhordy got his Animo back!!  Wooooo!  Also his parents are now investigators!  Haha funny story!  So Jhordy has two little siblings who are sooo loud during lessons.  So, Emmelkamp and I bought coloring books and markers to tame those beasts!  Then they gave us the pictures!  They´re adorable of course!  They are hanging up in our apartment!  Also Jhordy's dad had a million questions about the Book of Mormon.  But once we answered them he was excited to have ANOTHER BIBLE... Which still isn't exactly what it is.... But he he told us he'd read and pray about it so we can explain better later...

Dad you had a question about what his ward missionaries could do to help the work.
This is my answer!  Be consistently helpful!  Be on the same page... help them help them!!!  They need help!!!!!!  Tell this to all your ward missionaries!

Love you all!!!
Sonriendo Siempre

Elder Glassett!

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