Monday, January 26, 2015

Canta no llore/Sing don't Cry

Monday, January 26, 2014

Well well well…

It seems that once again it is Monday… Happy Monday everyone.

This week was full of wins… and then losses… but I still enjoyed the week…

My comp has officially deleted his Disney music and replaced it with hymns… that was a hurdle! 

Also, we actually had some citas not fail us this week... PRAISE THE LORD!  Also I ate Cuy which tastes like cicken and rubber… UPDATE: I completely forgot how to spell chiken… pollo…  Pucha no me importa la idioma ingles… (Darn, I don't care about the English language.)

Some cool things that happened this week was that we got invited to a member’s house to help make Patcha manka…. Which is a very Quechua way of saying meat cooked in the ground… manka….  It’s like dutch oven without a container … they use leaves and stuff! It’s pretty fantastic actually! I’ll have to make it in like 20 years when I get back!

Also I have been trying to learn Quechua (which my comp speaks perfectly). I figure I’m here to learn at every opportunity so I might
as well take advantage!

Something cool from studying this week! …bueno two things!

1: The story when Christ fed the 5000 (not counting mothers and kids…)  When the 12 said to Christ... Hey it's late these people haven’t eaten tell them to return to their homes… And Christ said. They don’t have need to go. That really made me think…How many times have I thought that somebody needed to go… or have said the opposite? There was never a time when Christ said…  I don’t have time… or, not now… so why do we say these things?

2: ¿O hombre de poca fe porque dudaste? (Oh man of little faith, why did you doubt.) I was teaching a lesson about faith... true, pure faith. And I must have had the spirit with me
because I said something that taught me... There will be times when we fall, doubt and begin to sink.  And taught we may doubt our situation like Peter did… we cannot doubt the Lord… when we say … ¡Senor…Salvame! (Lord, save me.)

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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