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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hey Family!


Before I forget I need some things not super urgent though.  Zach, there is a music artist who does gospel. His name is Shane Shane.  He is a boss but I don’t want to download it illegally … send a usb o algo por favor?

Mom I really want a book of Mormon in French haha I know that sounds like something I don’t need. But, I figure my brain can get much more confused…. And a two dollar bill… it’s a long story… OH! And with the next package it has come to my attention in quite an alarming manner.. I have one red tie no mas!!  So if the next one could be red… solid… haha. Tell mason to pick it. I want to see what state of mind he´s in!

This week was… You probably can guess… FAST!!  We were in Huancayo hasta Wednesday so we have only been back in Pampas a few days … I am seeing a trend in this culture… haha as my last comp Elder Garcia would say "All talk no game." It is very frustrating. Ward council… or in our case branch council takes forever… people talking about doing this they never will for more than an hour! And then the next week they are like "Well that didn’t work… let’s try something else…"  Meanwhile I’m sitting there like it might have worked had anyone been there to DO it!  Wow the Mission is so fun!  Haha all you Ex-missionaries are laughing at the familiarity of this situation... I just know it.

I’ll start with interviews. Which are always awesome (President Henderson is Awesome). He told me something that really made me feel A LOT better about my situation… He said, "Elder Glassett, I know Pampas is hard. And, I know that your companion struggles with obedience. Please take it as a compliment that I think you can change both…"  To which I responded, "Perfect! I thought you were gonna add pressure to me or something!" he laughed… He´s a boss!

Something I’d like to share with you all is THE MOST FRUSTRATING LESSON I'VE HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE! Fue tan feo! (It was so so terrible!)  We were talking to a husband and wife who:

1. did not believe in the Apostasy… and
2. they did not want to… 

And the real problem was and is #2 for these people…

I realized that God can work with people who don’t understand, who don’t know or, who haven’t been taught. IF and it is a HUGE if….if
they are humble enough to know and accept that they don’t know everything.  These people weren’t… they didn’t want to know anything. And that made me really frusated and later very sad that they will never know the
truth… Agency is a very powerful thing…

Anyway I have to go.

Love yall!

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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