Monday, January 5, 2015


Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey Family! I’m in an area called Pampas which is a tiny Little Ramita (Branch). We started church yesterday with 12 members and a dog named Bella. She accompanies us EVERYWHERE! It’s cool! She even waits outside for like 45 minutes when we teach people! It’s a cool little dog!

There are four of us here and the people are just like the Pascans…hard in the heart! The problem that we are having is that the elders who were sent to open Pampas dos changes back… didn’t… not a thing!  So that’s frustrating.  Knowing that the area should be a little better but it’s not for laziness no mas…. But that’s gonna end tomorrow… We are redividing the area so that’s gonna suck for the next 3 weeks or so… but it will pan out for the other elders that will come here….
HA, I don’t think that President wants me to baptize… in my whole mission!  He just wants me to walk knock and talk… hehe and then leave so others can steal my investigators. It’s okay. I know I’m helping people! So I don’t care.

So about something cool! When I got here the Elders here were really disanimoed… like crazy! Pampas wears on you… Hard! But I don’t care... I’m here to work my legs off! I prayed really hard that they would get motivated of a change of heart of algo… then made a new goal to follow the rules even closer… because obedience brings blessings… Exact obedience brings Milagros (miracles)…. I thought I'd put that to the test… and yesterday it happened!  The elders were talking… I was shining shoes and when I went to them they were making a plan to redivide the area!  Something I had suggested earlier but they said it would be too hard!  And now you ask?  We are doing it!  I’m too excited!
Also I'm with Elder Rojas who was in Paragsha with me! So it’s good to see este pata otra vez! (my friend again)

Well that’s pretty much all I’ve got. 

Love y'all

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

sorry I can't send pictures this week... tan lento! (so slow)

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