Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's a BOY

Monday, February 16, 2015

So this week I am officially a father in the misión! WOW… 
I don’t know what President is thinking how I am supposed to train when I am still a very VERY young missionary (Question Mark…) My son is called Elder Guevara.  De Equador. He has a staggering (almost) THEE WEEKS EN EL CAMPO!
So Arnez se fue.. Boo..  He may not have been the ¨Most Obedient Elder¨ but, we were having (or beginning to have) Success! Right now we have new district leader he’s from Peru and he is a boss!  We have tons of ideas to try and reach the stake goal of 50 people in church before March ends (or we get closed).  We realized that even though we only have about 20 strong members that’s 20 more than the four of us!  And if the plan doesn’t work… ojala que funciona… at least we will have trained this ward so they can take care of themselves… right now they completely 400% DEPEND on us… We do EVERYTHING… Maybe we can at least make them self-sufficient! 
We were in Huancayo this week until Wednesday for transfers. And this Wednesday we are going there again until Saturday because we have a zone conference and then a multi zona.  So we are going to escape from Pampas for a moment this week! Where we will do divisions for like 3 day more or less. 
We found a woman named Luz who I think I have told you about. She is separated from her husband and has a daughter with 2 years. The other day Guevara and I had planned to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was going to teach repentance and at the end of the lesson challenge her to be baptized… but, (something amazing happened) she asked us in the middle of the lesson if she could be baptized… maybe my son will have a mission with baptisms unlike his father… haha.  I am following the path of Emmelkamp...  Hermana Luz is planning her baptism for the 28 of February!  But it all depends on if she went to church in Lima yesterday! (She had to leave Pampas) so if she didn’t go to church she can’t get baptized….Oh the stress… Look, you all know me and know that I am a non-stressful person…BUT THE SALVATION OF ONE OF GOD'S DAUGHTERS IS ON THE LINE HERE!!!...sorry.. 
All is well and I haven’t died yet.. 
Love you all! 
Sonriendo Siempre, 
Elder Glassett 

Coco with Elder Arnez and Alfonso.

Coco with his new "son" Elder Guevara.

Elder Arnez to Coco's right. 

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