Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One month in Pampas

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello People in the United States! This is a hello from the country of Peru… mas o menos...  
This week was a thriller! I met a very nice Abuelita whose family lives in Utah! Her husband worked in a Smith´s in Salt Lake! Pretty cool huh!? She has a grandson on a mission in Nevada… also the walls of her house are like 8 feet thick… for real! She made us Alfajores and a few small things like that! The sad part is that she said that she is catholic and too old to change… She is a really nice lady though!
Yesterday was a stake conference in Huancayo… Which means we left our area at 8... Got there at 10 left there at 3:30ish got back at 5… it was a horrible day of Peruvian driving…but we did have 2 appointments
NOT fail us… it was a nice change.
We taught 19 lessons this week… which might be a Pampas record… for real though! It was good!  More exciting news I got a package from Garcia that had two ties we had asked a lady in Pasco to make for us! I am definitely wearing the blue one right this moment!
Also funny story! The other day Rojas got a call from some stranger… after a little
listening Rojas says! “Oy Amigo una pregunta…Numbero Cibobabo!” Or in
English…Hey buddy quick question….Wrong number!  HAHA to this day we make fun of Rojas for that one! 
But mason! Happy birffday! Also does anybody know where enero se fue? Estuvo aqui creo..  ((Where January went? I think I was here.)
Other than that… I love the mission… It’s so… fun! And even on days when it’s not… I tell myself it is! That’s the secret…
Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett
Note:  The internet connection is too slow to send photos so while Coco is in Pampas we won't get much.  The photos below were sent from a lady who said he was at her mother's house.  I think she is the Abuelita he spoke of in his letter.

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