Thursday, February 26, 2015

¡¡¡Todavia... estoy vivo!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hi family! And other people THAT READ THIS!  This week was too fast! We left for Huancayo in the afternoon of Wednesday and returned home Friday in the night-ish we stayed in the apartment of a city called Chilca. There are two elders there who are
both cool! Elder Gonzalez and Elder Mamani.  Mamani trained Emmelkamp which makes him my Grandpa in the mission and the Great-Grandpa of my son!

Before I get into this letter more I need to say thank you to Aunt Jean for the package that got here in one piece.  It’s nice to know that SOMETIMES I can trust the government of this country. Also to mom and dad the package with Mason's pacha came through. However, Mason might want to change the name because in Kequwa, Pacha means land or dirt…not super enticing to then use it like a sweater.. But it is warm thank you…

We are reaching our goals right now in Pampas. We had 36 people in church yesterday which is a ton!!! And our goal for next week is 5 more. I hope it happens! We are working our bodies off! Our goal is 5 people more in the church every week. And so far we are managing but, this week will be the hardest for sure! The Rama (branch) Pampas has never had more than 38… pray for me...

We had a multi zone this week and I got to see a bunch of old buddies from Paragsha… The only place I've lived where my own home wanted to KILL ME!!!!!

Hermana Luz is still progressing! She seems a million times happier than the first time we spoke with her. She has 2 asistances (that's coco thinking in Spanish and writing in English.) in the church so she only needs one more before her baptism… and I realized something… there has been a huge difference with teaching Luz… and that is that I personally have been there… but, the spirit is teaching her…I have felt like the instrument that I was set apart to be… I might POR FIN help somebody get baptized! After half a year!!! WOW!!!

I give testimony that the mission is hard.  Really hard…but it's awesome!

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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