Friday, March 27, 2015

¿Cambois ya? ¡NO LO PUEDO CREER! (Transfers already? I can't believe it!)

Monday, March 23, 2015

¡Hola a Todos!
For those of you who are wondering… yes it is cold here…. And this week are changes!  Where did this change go?? I have no idea!! I have been a proud father for a little bit under 6 weeks now! My young Ecuadorian son is doing really well! I basically have him do everything now! Not in a commanding way… but start lessons, initiate contacts…. To gain more confidence!  This week flew by though!

Tomorrow night we will now the changes! I hope I don’t leave this place! And man I hope they don’t close us! We had 48 people in the house chapel yesterday! Which I think is a record!!! We had a family from a different ward come visit us! They were 10!! The Elders were called on to speak. Again! That makes 2 times this month… On top of our calling as Ward Mission Leader missionaries and (for me) Young Men's President… it would really be nice if the Branch could do something for itself!  

Yesterday we got called over by an old guy who wanted a free bible.  After explaining that we couldn’t give him a bible he asked to see the book we had… the Book of Mormon…. He looked at it a few seconds. And then said… it doesn’t have Genesis…. It can’t be true. After explaining that the book of Mormon and the Bible were written in different parts he said… but they’re not the same….  After using what seemed like 1000 examples to try and explain it he said please just leave…. How can some people be SO close minded? If they love the bible and the Word of God so much why are they scared of having more? Oh wait I know why! Because they don’t understand the word of God! There are hundreds of examples in both books that support one another…..

Pampinos are a hard people….  All that being said, I feel I will be here one more change… if the area is still open…. If not, I will be having emergency transfers the first of Abril! YAY!! …emergency transfers…  

Also we had a great week! We found 6 NEWS WOWIE WOW WOW!!!  We were teaching an investigator who has received the lessons for years… but his dad won’t let him get baptized!  Who always gives us references… for the ward (which is sad?) Anyway, we taught all his buddies, all 4 of them, and I think we will have success with this crew.

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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