Monday, March 16, 2015

¿Donde se fue esta semana? ¿Quien? (Where did this week go? Who?)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Family! Aloha!!

All is well in good old Peru! Although I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT CHANGES
ARE THIS WEEK ALREADY!!!!  My son and I are finishing week 5 and starting week 6 of 12 weeks. (the missionary training guide).  Carhuaricra is my district leader and wanted me to inform you all about his existence.

We have been working like crazy here!  Guevara went to Lima to do his papers last week and got back on Wednesday. So we have not had much time to work in our area. But, that being said we have found 3 new this week! Although NONE OF THEM ARE MARRIED PUCHA MAKINA!!!  

But the good news about is that Hermana Luz is doing great and might be called as the Primary President.... So go her!

This Monday I had a cool experience. I was able to be a missionary in English!!  As we where having a zona pday we went to some old ruins in Huancayo. We ran into a family from Canada. They are here for a service project and will be in Peru for the next 3 months or so... anyway. As I talked to them I found out that they are Protestants. Very
Protestant.  I asked the man what he saw as the main difference between our churches. We said that we see God And Christ as separate beings when in the Bible there is lots of "evidence" that they are the same.  Hmmm... After many examples of scriptures where they are obviously NOT the same he said... "With our mortal minds we could never understand nor explain all the mysteries of God. Maybe it doesn't make sense... but that is where faith
comes in."  NO.  God and his ways make sense... the only reason they wouldn't is because man has changed them... God created man in HIS OWN IMAGE and not the
other way around... and am grateful that I belong and teach of a church that is backed up by the Bible. We didn't have to change the Bible to prove our point... because it's the same point God has been proving since Adam.

1. Is God the same or different than before?
2. Did we have prophets before?
3. Did Christ call 12 apostles?
4. Does God still love us?
5. Heb 13:8

6. The end.

I know that this is the true church of God. And the more I study the more I know. I challenge every person who reads this email to Pray.  Ask yourself the above questions.. and these.
There are only three reasons that God would not newly reveal his Gospel to a Prophet such as Joseph Smith...

1. God lost his power to call Prophets when Christ died. No.
2. God has stopped loving us and for that he could care less if we are saved...No.
3. Our generation is soooo incredibly smart and righteous that we no longer need God to guide us...No.

Haha a super funny thing happened on Friday… Elder Alfonso was looking for scripture markers and por fin he found them!  Carhuaricra was lowering the price from 3 soles to 2.50 when he had finally lowered it.  Alfonso thought he could do a little better and said, "Hermana apoyame 2.50!" Haha we made so much fun of his for that one!  We are always like Oh Alfonso Apooooyame!! Haha!

Sonriendo Siempre,
Elder Glassett

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