Saturday, May 16, 2015

Crazy story!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello Family and others who read this!

I have had a pretty crazy week!  But I only have time to share one story!!!!!!!!!  But it’s so cool!!!!  So Elder Reis was in Huancayo to pick up his new born baby boy… (He’s training) haha

So I was with Elder Bautista… a Colombian who lived in Chicago for 2 years… and we found ourselves surrounded by triple ms (movement missional mundial...) …. Which are more ridiculous than Jehovah’s witnesses…

So, they start attacking me saying if you can’t pull the name Mormon out of the bible the the book of Mormon isn’t true.  To which I said… if you can’t pull the name of Jesus Christ out of the old testament the new testament isn’t true… haha their faces holy cow…. Soooo funny!

Why do you think nobody believed in Christ??? Because the Old Testament calls Him Jehovah!!! (Isa 53:3 -6) Haha so after they saw that they weren’t going to have any luck with that they just started attacking us say that we do baptisms for the dead and the bible does talk about that! But once again…. It does…we read I explained and in the end they just didn’t want to admit that they were wrong…so we left and as we were walking Elder Bautista found a paper on the ground… three actually… the first one he said… hey Glassett I think that’s a scripture mastery paper…. Then… hey one more!!! Then he finally picked up the last one! And guess what scripture it was!!! 1 Cor 15:27 haha it was like God said…Is this your card? Haha that was the coolest thing ever!

I'm Good but I have to go!

Sonriendo Siempre!
Elder Glassett

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