Monday, May 25, 2015

Que buena semana! - What a great week!

Monday, May 25, 2015

So, this week was super awesome and it had a finetastic ending!  Elder Cayo and I were super happy with our Missionaries last night! 
With all of our lessons and study times and miracles that have been awesome I don’t know where to start this week. We start with a cool and weird experience. 
We taught a woman whose son is a Pastor in the Triple M church. As we finished the lessons which was super awesome! The spirit was definitely there! The son comes out. And looks at the Book of Mormon.  And says oh you’re reading your book about Joseph Smith… if I pull out a book about Martin Luther will you read it? We didn’t say anything.  We have learned you can’t talk to these people.  Because they know that what we do is true.  They just don’t care.  I felt a dark, almost evil feeling as he spoke.  As if the Spirit was testifying of his many lies.  It was worse than the time we were in the Community of Christ Church.  After waiting and biting my tongue for a while, we testified that we haven’t said anything but the truth, that he can deny it if he wants.  But to remember that the pharisees also denied the truth… so be careful.  Wow, I have never left a lesson so motivated!  I don’t understand why someone would be so against the Bible they teach from!  It made me Very grateful for my testimony. Very grateful for the church that encouraged me to get one. Very grateful that I can find the answers to the questions I have and later that I can "double check" with God to see if it's Correct. What a blessing. 
Later the Ward started to help us out a bunch!  We did a family night in the house of a CR (recent convert) and we had like10 people with us! 
Then our investigators came to church!  And seem to be making great friends there! 
Sonriendo Siempre, 
Elder Glassett
He must be in the jungle in Tingo Maria.

"My last zone."

"We play the piano sooooo hard!  haha love Elder Reis!"

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