Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tingo María how i love you!‏

Monday, June 8, 2015

So I write as my family is on vacation in Ireland... But, I'll have you all know I am also on vacation in Tingo Maria!  Who's really winning?  We can leave that up for debate.....  ME

Okay, so this week was fun.  We started in Huancayo and finished in Tingo which is quite the change!  We have 1 baptism for this Saturday who is Claudia.  She is awesome and the ward has really stepped out to her.  That makes being a missionary really easy and fun!  If any of you have been asked by the missionaries to help them with an investigator, do it!  Because it makes 100% difference!

I came across the Apocrypha in the bible the other day.  Super interesting.  Man I do not know what to say.

So we were having a Family Night on Saturday with Orfilio and Jacklyn and Kevin (their son) and Norma and Estrella.  And it was super fun!  After the lesson we played Habla Chanco.... Which is Kevin's favorite game, he is 5 and fell into the water when his dad got baptized hahah which was funny because he was sad that he couldn't get baptized on the same day.  Anyway, how you play is you put a blind fold on one person and he goes around the room and touches people and when he finds somebody he says I talk pig!  Or whatever animal he wants... and we kept going in between me and Elder Cayo.  And guessing Orfilio.... and one time he made me talk like a fly... which is super hard...  I recommend this game....

I was reading in Alma at the end of for... when he was getting ready to go preach to a whole bunch of less actives.. it says that he prepared himself and the only way to same them would be with the power of a pure testimony...

(Elder Glassett Spanish to English translation)

So what do we learn from that?  We know people that are knowing not in the church and who seem like they have 0 intention of returning.  Who say bad things about the church or in their hearts want to.. What do we do?  Give up? Leave them alone?  Say, well I shouldn't bother them.  They don't want to hear from me?  No, you don't have to be forceful, annoying or in their face...

There is only one thing you should do and there is only one thing that will work... a testimony. A pure testimony. Food for thought.

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

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