Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Huancayo again!

Monday, June 1, 2015

This week was short and great! 
My comp and I did some serious work and I felt good about that! 
We have been teaching a mom and her daughter Diana and Claudia who are getting baptized the 13th of June!  They are both super awesome!  It was funny how we met them because we were looking for a less active guy and when we knocked on his door (which is also the door of a few people) Claudia came out and said that she is also a member…so we were like cool!  We are going to complete this family!!  But, after looking really hard in the records she is not there!!  So now we are also baptizing her… but here’s that sad thing…. She did get baptized… about 9 years ago… the missionaries never did her bap record.  But they are both awesome and the ward has really reached out to them with activities and stuff!  They feel happy and comfortable in church!
We are going to Huancayo again… so that will be super fun!  Hang out with a bunch of guys from Utah… Now I know why they call it the factory of missionaries. 
We had to drop the best family ever… her name is Lizeth.  And her kids are so freaking funny!..  And her Boyfriend… does not want to get married… we have tried EVERYTHING we talked about blessings. The commandments… we just straight burned… nothing worked… I’m sad about that! 
Short story, the son of another investigator wanted to sit next to me at church… (Picture a Peruvian Travis) and when it came to sing he asked for the hymn book!  But he can’t read… and we only had one… haha so I gave him the bible opened to Songs of Solomon and told him to sing… haha and he DID!!! 
Sonriendo Siempre!
Elder Glassett

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