Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2016

Hey Family,

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

This week is easily the shortest week I have ever had, ever.

The summary is that we ended up having a crazy mission tour and I went back to Cerro and then to Huanuco...

The long story starts on Wednesday.  It was raining like crazy, well, like normal. (A normal day here is sunny in the morning and then rain the whole afternoon until night time.) It started at about 11 o'clock as usual at about 3 o'clock we were in the plaza getting a few things ready for the multi zone with Elder Godoy we had planned for Thursday.  Elder Godoy had his flight into Huancayo arriving at 5.  But with all the rain and clouds and wind there was no way they would let him leave from Lima.  The weather needed to clear up before 3:30 so that he would be able to leave.  And looking at the sky, I had a feeling it would clear up. It was weird because I was actually really sure that he would somehow get here.  I have never been so confident in something so hopeless. Well, at 3:30ish the rain stopped and in about 10 minutes that old Huancayo sun was cooking everyone like it normally does, crazy.

After the first Multizone we had a meeting with Elder Godoy and President.  We talked about how we do things in the mission and he gave us suggestions.  Everything that he said was something so simple and yet it seemed smarter, making me think that when we feel stuck between two options, the simplest one is probably the best.

After that was all over we went to Cerro for the night.  Man I love that place.  I was able to sleep the whole night without waking up out of breath.  I guess living in Huancayo for 10 months has its benefits.  When we arrived we checked into the hotel and went to find dinner.  In Cerro food is not one of the highlights. You have to be a little picky or you will get sick.  As we looked, we decided to that anything would do because. 1. we weren't that hungry and 2. if Pasco didn't kill us the first time then it probably can't.  And it didn't, but we did eat faster than I thought we would.  I guess we were hungry.  After that we saw Mama Nery. Man I love that lady!  We went to her house the next morning so that Elder Gutierrez could say goodbye and man it was hard to leave. 

The most important thing we can do in life is learn to Love.  To really Keep the Two Great Commandments.  I think that is how we can be happy..

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett


Create your own caption.  I have no idea what this picture is all about.  : )

Likely not Cerro cause he'd be dressed a little differently if it was taken there.

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