Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello Picture will come soon

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey Family,

This week was short.  Which is sad.  We had a lot of things to do and not much time. The new missionaries got here on Tuesday and the old ones died on Monday and we had a training on Wednesday so we are pretty amazed that we made it to Monday.

And although this week was crazy, next week will be crazier!!  We are having the Leadership council on Tuesday. Wednesday we will be in Tarma doing divisions on Thursday will be traveling to La Merced for a multizone and Friday is the multizone.  We are coming back on Friday in the afternoon and man that is how the week will be ending.

On Saturday we ate Gorditas that Elder Islas made with Tia Paty (my Pension) Haha when I call her that she calls me Chibolito.  But anyway we were there playing clue and the pension's son Hyrum who is 4 cuatlo as he says it came out and started drinking mate with me... And he loved it!!  What?!  What cuatlo year old loves mate?

After that we visited the _________ family. A family of 4 daughters 1 son and a single mother who has been going through really hard times since the oldest daughter left the house because she is addicted to heavy drugs. Miracles have been happening with this family ever since they decided to worry about the things IN their control.  Weeks ago we talked about the Prodigal Daughter hehe with them.  Not paying much attention to the actual daughter.  Talking about what should be happening in the family until she returns.  We talked about how that father who had lost his son probably didn't give up on God and, probably didn't give up on his other son.  But he probably kept working on his OWN salivation.  Doing the small and simple things to surrender himself to his breaking heart.  This family made a 180 degree change.  They started arriving to church early, they read the scriptures daily and saved money to go to the temple.  When they got back home from Lima. Josie (The Prodigal Daughter) called saying that she wanted to come home and talk, wow. I remember making that promise with Guti.  Saying, if you will focus on you and your kids that are still here Josie will come back.  I remember as I spoke thinking PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! God listen and fulfill this!!  I am so glad that God answers prayers.

On Sunday night we had a mission devotional with my old stake (Mantaro).  It was a Night with President Henderson.  haha Imagine Oprah President, as usual was spiritual and funny.  He told the story about how he and Mamma Henderson met.  After that the Stake Counselor who was doing the interview said, Did you all hear that? After just six weeks you could have successful marriages like President Henderson! To which president said I never said it was successful. I was lucky she only had 6 weeks to get to know me.

All in all it was a good week.

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett
Good to know that another package arrived safe and sound.

With Elder Calle.  "My new comp is from Piuuuuura.  That's how you say it." 

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