Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 

Hey Family,

I hope this makes it to you all.. I don't know what happened but I guess my last 2 letters haven't made it sorry. I sent them again.

This week was really awesome. Full of references, lessons, dead missionaries.. (they are going home so they are called dead) Guti finished his mission.  How does time go by so quickly???  We were together for four and a half months!!  And now he's just gone!  Now he is just Felipe haha!  My new companion is Elder Calle.  He is awesome Elder White (who was the last health secretary) trained him..

This week if you remember Alexis from Mantaro.  HE GOT BAPTIZED!!!  He was so happy and is now set on serving a mission!!!  His mom finally let him!!!

So two weeks ago while guti and I were sitting in church in the sacrament meeting a familiar face came in a sat down. His name is Jesus a 16 year old kid. 

Story of Jesus.

When Guti and I got to La Florida we didn't know anyone or have anyone to teach.   Knowing that it's best to work through members so we started going from house to house contacting and asking if they knew any member in the area.  As we did that we found Jesus Or, the spirit found Jesus and took us to him..  Anyway he was really interested and we taught him.. After the first lesson he was really excited.  A few days went by and we couldn't seem to find him again.. his cousin Danny had told him that he should talk to us..(or something along those lines.) and he lost interest. So then why did Jesus go to church? His next door neighbor Brasilia (a member) gave him a Book of Mormon with her favorite verse marked.  And he read it.  And he loved it!  She invited him to church and he went.  We are now teaching him and he has a baptismal date for the 19 of March.

Moral of the story.  When he was a contact he wasn't too interested and had little desire to Come and See. When he was a reference he became the Golden Investigator.  There are two things I have noticed about members..  I think there are two things we could all do better.  

1.  Share the Gospel.. we could give a Book of Mormon or invite someone to an activity or simply be a good example there are 3 videos I love for this..

2.  Also I think we can all be more aware of people who don't quite feel comfortable at church.  We all know who the new people are. We should go talk to them..

The church is true and is something good. 
Sonriendo siempre 
Elder Glassett

with Elder Calle

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