Monday, August 10, 2015

I have no idea what to put here.... Asado!

Monday, August 10, 2015

After a cazy week. I'M BACK!!  When I say I'm back I mean, still in Peru surrounded by Cholos, eating rice and potatoes and chicken! Wooooooooooo. (sarcasmo about the rice and potatoes and chicken.)

We had an interesting and tiring week.  We spent Friday night in the clinic because a sister in the zone was really sick.  We spent FIVE HOURS IN A PERUVIAN CLINIC!!!!!!!! BOOOO!!!  We left at 2 in the morning, which is only a little late for curfew haha.

The Lord has blessed us A LOT in this area.  We were able to be found by 5 people that the Lord has been preparing since Adam and that's not a joke!  We walked and worked and taught like crazy this week and The Lord Made up every single difference.  It was amazing! We are now teaching Adison, Tatiana, Alfreda, Milena and Carlos.  A family of four and Carlos.  The Family was going to get baptized about 8 years ago, but they had to move to Lima as an emergency and they recently got back.  And the mom (bless her heart) she chased us down which was hard for her because she is kind of old, haha she ended up just yelling "Hermanos" because we walk fast she said.

I thought about that moment.  When she saw us pass by.  When she decided to come find us.  I thought about what God Must have been doing knowing that 4 of his children were about to be taught the truth..  I imagine he acted a lot like football fans act when the WR is in the 20 and getting closer to the end zone. Yelling GOGOGOGO C'mon Alfreda! You're so close!!!  I thought about that 50 year old woman running after us.  Probably not fully understanding why she had to talk to us.  Not walking.  But running on Faith.  My heart was filled with a type of Love and amazement that doesn't come everyday.  And when it does it kind of leaves you speechless. I think the Spirit told me how much God loves us all.. and it's a lot.

Got to go but I hope that everyone is good!  That you can all do something nice for someone this week!

Sonriendo Siempre,

Elder Glassett

Photos recently sent home from Coco..
Maybe his birthday?

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  1. Ummm...HELLO?? Did you just say that woman was old and FIFTY?? Not really sure how I feel about that since I passed that milestone over a year ago! Glad to know you're feeling better! We miss you and pray for you daily!