Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm kind of happy the week is over..

Monday, August 17, 2015

I have seen more miracles this change than ever before. Really! It's not really like everything is happening now. More like all the miracles that started and happened while I was with Elder Fernandez, we are now learning about. And in that aspect I am very happy and grateful. I think the miracles are driving me. With the ______ Stake I feel like I have used all my energy. Yesterday I was especially tired, I mean mentally. I was so grateful for the miracle we saw.

We are teaching a 15 year old kid named Alexis that always reads always prays and has come to church for the last two weeks. But, he has told us that he still hasn't felt an answer.  I felt prompted to share when Oliver Cowdrey received the revelation that says If it wasn't for the spirit you wouldn't be where you now are. I felt like I should tell him he already had an answer.

After that, he told us about one day when he was praying.  In these days he was going to an Evangelical church. But he didn't feel right there. So he prayed and asked that he could know which church is true.  The next day Elder Fernandez and I knocked on his door and taught him about prophets and apostles and prayer.  I am grateful for this experience. For the spirit that made it happen. That I was able to be "along for the ride."

I would like to say something to everyone who reads this letter. They are the little things that make all the difference. 1 Cor 1 :26-27, Alma 37: 6-7.  By way of little things God brings to pass the salvation of his children. Reading is a little thing. Praying is a little thing. And going to church on time is a little thing. That being said, those things work. And they should be done as a family. This country would be blessed a lot more if the peole would do this.  Please do it.  If you are, Great. If you were and stopped Start. I have learned by bad examples that not doing the simple things doesn't work.

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